Shibata, S., Bunkyo Women's University and Suzuki, N., Doshisha University, Japan
In this study, we investigated the effects of leafy plants on subjects' task performance and mood. The room was arranged either with the plant placed, with other object (magazine stand with full of magazines) placed to contrast the effects, or with no object placed in the room. The task was to create no more than 30 words for 20 different items. As for the task performance, main effect of Gender was significant (p<.05) and Room Gender interaction had weak significance (p<.10). The task performances of the female subjects working with plants were higher than that of the female subjects working without plants (p<.10). Mood evaluations of the subjects were analyzed using factor analysis with a varimax rotation. Three factors were emerged. Each set of factor scores was subjected to the 3(room) 2(gender) analysis of variance. The main effect of room had weak significance in Factor 1 (p<.10). For Factor 1, those items with high loadings were "happy", "energized", "confident", which seems to suggest the "energy factor" as a possible name. The score of the energy factor in the plant condition was higher than in no plant condition. The difference between the score in other object condition and that in no object condition were not significant. It was suggested that the presence of the leafy plants might affect both task performance and subject's mood positively. Moreover, these effects were seen only in plant condition.