Sharma, A. and Purang, P., Indian Institute of Technology, India
Most practising managers in organizations today are faced with the issue of employees retention, or high rates. With cut throat competition in the job markets, companies vie with each other for people with the right skills, giving increasingly attractive remuneration. As a result companies lose skilled manpower on whom organizations have spent a lot through training etc. An integral aspect of this job mobility of employees is their commitment to the organization. Thus it is important for HR managers to create an environment which enhances this commitment. This paper analyses Value Expectancy and HRD Climate as correlates of Organizational Commitment of managers. Value Expectancy is the importance attached to a value and the probability of it being realized through work or anticipated help of work. HRD Climate of an organization is the human environment within which employees perform their jobs. This study hypothesizes that better fulfillment of important values and a positive perception of the HRD Climate shall enhance Organizational Commitment of managers. This study is a survey research, conducted in four Indian and one Multinational organizations operating in India. 247 managers selected randomly from these organizations were included in this study. Correlational analysis was performed to see the relationships between these variables and predictor effects were analyzed using stepwise regression analysis technique. The results reveal that both the variables are significant predictors of Organizational Commitment. The study has important implications for design of Human Resource Management systems in industrial organizations.