Sehgal, M., Panjab University, India
There is growing interest in the relationship between pain and emotions. A lot of innovative researches are trying to explore the role that emotions and expression of emotions can play in pain management. Historically, in the early decades of psychosomatic medicine, experience of pain was often ascribed to various emotional conflicts and unconscious suppression of painful emotional experiences. Some researchers have also focused on the experience of positive and negative emotional states and pain disorders. Depression and anxiety have been found to be associated with high levels of pain. Expression and management of emotions have been reported to be very crucial for health and illness. People who fail to understand or express their feelings are more vulnerable to develop physical and psychological problems. Anger is one of the most potent emotions and failure to express and regulate anger has far reaching consequences in terms of health. The aim of the present investigation was to explore the relationship of anxiety, hostility, depression, anger expression styles, optimism and psychological well being with chronic pain. The sample comprised 100 patients diagnosed with chronic pain (backache). Results revealed that negative emotions, failure to express anger and depression, consequently were responsible for exacerbating pain and other physical disorders. Paradigms for emotional disclosure and its health benefits are discussed in detail.