Satiadarma, M., Tarumanagara University, Indonesia
Researchers have explored resilience extensively, and they who are resilient tend to be more resistant toward stress. Some researchers considered this stress resistant quality as hardiness, and hardiness consists of three characteristics: 1) control, 2) commitment, and 3) challenge. Resiliency is also considered as a form of vulnerability, and people who are vulnerable tend to easily feel suffer under stressful life experience. Families who live on the city riverbanks in Indonesia tend to be vulnerable from illnesses due to pollution, poverty and stressful living condition. However, many of them have survived to live in such environment for years. This research explored whether they are resilient, and some factors that influenced their survival. Respondents were asked to answer some questions based on the three characteristics of hardiness and analyzed statistically. In addition, qualitative data analysis was included to explore the support factors of their survival.