Sangatala, U., SV University, India
How satisfied are the aged persons living together in ashrams, religious retreats, devoting most of their time in religious practices? Do they cope better with their physical and psychological demands compared to their agemates living outside the ashrams? Are there differences in the motivational styles, anxities, feelings of lonliness of the two groups? The present study attempts to seek answers to the above in a sample of 80 male and female ashram dwellers and an equal number of control group in the age range of 60to 85 years. Data were collected in structed interviews wite the help of standerdised questionnaires. Results showed a positive relation between the type of religious coping and meaning in life. The ashramites were found touse more of religious coping with increasing age. However religiosity appered to act as an antidote of lonliness, and anxieties both among the ashram dwellers and the controls. Results were discussed age, gender and other demographic factor wise.