Samant, A., Mithibai College of Arts, India
For any society to be able to forge ahead in it's chosen direction it is essential that it's actions reflect the opinion of it's people. People vary greatly in their opinions about anything, more because of their different thinking styles than the ability to think. Some people like to look at an object, person or event in it's entirety (Global Thinking Style), whereas others prefer to judge by specific details (Local Thinking Style). These thinking styles may also have a bearing on how people take important decisions, whether it is based on Sensation, Intuition, Thinking or Feeling. The atmosphere these days in Asia is charged with clouds of war looming large overhead and debates about whether there would or even should be a war. In such a scenario, it would be quite interesting to explore the relationship between thinking and decision-making styles of people and their bearing on people's support to the war. The author and the entire sample used for this study(age group 18-21 years)are at the threshold of young adulthood where opinions are still being formed. This paper attempts to explore how these differences in thinking and decision making style are reflected in the opinions of these young adults.