Vizcarra, M. B. and Balladares, E., Universidad de la Frontera, Chile
Child abuse has becoming a growing concern in Chile in the last decade, however most studies had focused in physical abuse. There almost no studies on sexual abuse in the Temuco region and little is known about its prevalence and associated factors. Objective. To establish the prevalence and risk factors for CSA in Temuco Chile. Sample: 983 high school, (56% girls y 44% boys) students, age 14 to 18 attending to private and public schools in Temuco. Method: Cross sectional study. Instrument. Self report questionnaire, of four sections, adapted from Johnson (1996) that asked about personal information, presence of individual and interpersonal sexual behaviors before 12 years, presence of abuse and level of sexual information. Students responded anonymously the questionnaire during the class period, instructions were given by psychology students, response time was about 1 hour. 13% of students reported being abused before 12 years. In most cases, abuses occurred between 6 and 11 years old and in a high proportion perpetrators were relative or friends whose age was 16 to 25 years old. Most abused children were girls (72%) Associated factor as gender, age, religion, parents educational level, and ethnic background, and presence of sexual behavior in childhood are explored in relation to abuse.