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1. Become a member of the oldest and largest international association for applied psychology with individual memberships and participate to make applied psychology stronger in today’s world.


2. Receive two world class journals - APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY: An International Review and APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY: Health and Well-being online, and the IAAP Bulletin as well.


3. Receive other journals at a substantial rate decreases, e.g. The European Work and Organizational Psychologist, the International Journal of Human Resource Management, Human Relations.


4. Become a member of an exciting group of international scholars, scientists, and practitioners who are interested in advancing applied psychology, and who want to cooperate with scientists from around the world.


5. Support IAAP’s efforts internationally to help make applied psychology accepted in various countries.


6. Support IAAP’s efforts with international organizations to help them to use psychological knowledge more efficiently.


7. Support cross-fertilization across the subdisciplines of applied psychology.


8. Receive a newsletter free of charge that keeps you knowledgable of new events in other parts of the world.


9. Pay reduced fees for the international congresses that are organized by IAAP, e.g. the International Congress of Applied Psychology scheduled to be held in Montreal in 2018.


10. Pay reduced membership dues for student members and members from low income countries.


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