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"This special section of Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being brings together four original articles (...)


IAAP Divisions

Every member of IAAP is entitled to become member of up to four divisions (students in addition can be members of the Division 15: Students).


Your Divisional membership is renewed every year. The regular way of renewing it is as follows: After the renewal of your subscription you receive an email (and several reminders) with a link to a web page where you are instructed to choose up to four Divisions ( + Students' Division if applicable).


IF YOU HAVE NOT STILL INDICATED YOUR CHOICE FOR THE DIVISIONAL MEMBERSHIP, OR IF YOU ONLY HAVE DONE IT PARTIALLY (LESS THAN FOUR DIVISIONS) YOU CAN MAKE OR COMPLETE YOUR CHOICE WRITING AN EMAIL TO indicating by order of preference your choice (if you mention more Divisions up to four choices will be considered taking into account you order of preference).


Find below the list of IAAP Divisions.




1. Division of Work and Organizational Psychology

2. Division of Psychological Assessment and Evaluation.
3. Division of Psychology and Societal Development

4. Division of Environmental Psychology

5. Division of Educational, Instructional and School Psychology

6. Division of Clinical and Community Psychology
7. Division of Applied Geropsychology
8. Division of Health Psychology
9. Division of Economic Psychology
10. Division of Psychology and Law
11. Division of Political Psychology
12. Division of Sport Psychology
13. Division of Traffic and Transportation Psychology
14. Division of Applied Cognitive Psychology
15. Psychology Students Division
16. Division of Counseling Psychology
17. Professional Practice
18. History of Applied Psychology