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BOD meeting draft


Meeting of the Board of Directors
13:00 – 18:00 on Tuesday, July 24, 2012
and 13:00 – 18:00 on Thursday, July 26, 2012
(Roof Terrace Room, Cape Town International Convention Centre)
Cape Town, South Africa

PROPOSED AGENDA – DRAFT No 3– 2012-07-22




 1. Call to Order and Roll Call to identify voting members and to recognize observers

 2. President’s Welcome

 3. Adoption of the Agenda (A)

 4. Approval of Minutes

     4.1. Meeting in Melbourne (July 2010) (A) DOC

     4.2. Board Electronic Meetings(motions adopted by e-mail since July 2010)  (A) DOC

 5. Parliamentary Procedure: Reminders of basic rules of order (Janel Gauthier) (I) DOC

 6. Officers’ Reports

      6.1. President, José M. Peiró  (I) DOC 
      6.2. Past-President, Mike Knowles (I) DOC
      6.3. Secretary-General, Janel Gauthier (I) DOC

      6.4. Treasurer, Elizabeth Nair (I) DOC

         6.4.1. Financial Statement 2010 (Elizabeth Nair)  (A) DOC

         6.4.2. Financial Statement 2011 (Elizabeth Nair) (A) DOC

         6.4.3. Wiley-Blackwell Financial Account (José M. Peiró) (I) DOC 
      6.5. Communication Officer, José M. Prieto (I) DOC

 7. Reports of the Standing Committees

       7.1. Membership Committee (José M. Peiró & Janel Gauthier)

          7.1.1. Membership Committee Report (I) DOC

          7.1.2. Membership Publisher's Report (I) DOC

       7.2. Elections Committee (Mike Knowles) (I) DOC

         7.2.1. President-Elect – Election Results (Mike Knowles) (I) DOC

         7.2.2. Secretary-General – Call for nominations (Mike Knowles) (I) DOC

       7.3. Awards Committee (Mike Knowles) (I) DOC

       7.4. Fellows Committee (Mike Knowles) (I) DOC

       7.5. Constitution & Rules of Procedure Committee (Janel Gauthier) (I) DOC

         7.5.1. IAAP Constitution (Janel Gauthier) (A) DOC

         7.5.2. Rules of Procedure (Janel Gauthier) (A)  DOC

         7.5.3. Policies and Procedures (Jose M. Peiro) I DOC

       7.6. Publications Committee (Michael Frese) (I) DOC
 AP:IR (Editor - Vivien K.G. Lim) (I) DOC    
 AP:IR (Publisher) (I) DOC            
 Health and Well-Being (Editor - Ralf Schwarzer & Christopher Peterson) (I) DOC
 Health and Well-Being (Publisher) (I) DOC

         7.6.3. IAAP Bulletin (Valerie Hearn) (I) DOC

      7.7. Finance Committee (Tuomo Tikkanen) (A) DOC

      7.8. Ethics Committee (Janel Gauthier) (I) DOC

  8. Reports of the Special Committees, Task Forces and Other Similar Committees

      8.1. Website Development (José M. Prieto) (I) DOC

      8.2. Regional Development (I

        8.2.1. Africa (Saths Cooper) (I) DOC

        8.2.2. Asia (Fanny Cheung) (I) DOC

        8.2.3. Latin America (María Regina Maluf) (I) DOC

      8.3. Advanced Research Training Seminars – ARTS (Tom Oakland) (I) DOC

      8.4. IAAP Archives – History of applied psychology (Helio Carpintero) (I) DOC

      8.5. Proposals to create new Task Forces (José M. Peiro)

         8.5.1. Task Force on Strategic Goals (José M. Peiró) (A) DOC
         8.5.2. Task Force on Membership (José M. Peiró) (A) DOC
         8.5.3. Task Force on Communications (José M. Peiró) (A) DOC

  9. Reports from Divisions

      9.1. Division 1 – Organizational Psychology (Handan Kepir Sinangil) (I) DOC

      9.2. Division 2 – Psychological Assessment and Evaluation (Thomas Oakland) (I) DOC

      9.3. Division 3 – Psychology and Societal Development (Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı) (I) DOC

      9.4. Division 4 – Environmental Psychology (Linda Steg) (I) DOC

      9.5. Division 5 – Educational and School Psychology (Kit-Tai Hau) (I) DOC

      9.6. Division 6 – Clinical and Community Psychology (Neville Blampied) (I) DOC

      9.7. Division 7 – Applied Gerontology (Florence Denmark) (I) DOC

      9.8.Division 8 – Health Psychology (Aleksandra Luszczynska) (I) DOC

      9.9. Division 9 – Economic Psychology (Erich Kirchler) (I) DOC

      9.10. Division 10 – Psychology and Law (Alfred Allan) (I) DOC

      9.11. Division 11 – Political Psychology (Takehiko Ito) (I) DOC

      9.12. Division 12 – Sport Psychology (Howard K. Hall) (I) DOC

      9.13. Division 13 –Traffic Psychology (Gerald Matthews) (I) DOC

      9.14. Division 14 – Applied Cognitive Psychology (Boris M. Velichkovsky) (I) DOC

      9.15. Division 15 – Students (Anna Sagana) (I) DOC

      9.16. Division 16 – Counselling Psychology (Mark Savickas) (I) DOC

      9.17. Division 17 – Professional Practice (Amanda Gordon) (I) DOC

      9.18. Division 18 – History of Applied Psychology (Heliodoro Carpintero) (I) DOC

 10. Reports on Inter-Associations Relationships

      10.1. International Union of Psychological Science (José M. Peiró) (I) DOC

      10.2. International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (J. Berry & C. Kagitcibasi) (I) DOC

      10.3. European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (Tuomo Tikkanen) (I) DOC

      10.4. Interamerican Psychological Society (María Regina Maluf) (I) DOC

      10.5. Asian Psychological Association (Mike Knowles) (I) DOC

      10.6. International Positive Psychology Association (Michael Frese) (I) DOC

      10.7. United Nations (José M. Peiró & Judy Kuriansky) (I) DOC

      10.8. World Forum of International Psychology Associations (José M. Peiró) (I) DOC

      10.9. International Council of Psychologists (I) (Jose M. Peiro)

  11. Reports on Congresses and Conferences

      11.1. International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP)

        11.1.1. 2010 ICAP – Melbourne

 Final Report (Paul Martin) (A) DOC

 Congress Report (Mike Knowles) (A) DOC

 Financial Report (Mike Knowles) (A) DOC

 Congress Evaluation (Mike Knowles)

                        Covering Letter (A) DOC

                        Survey Report - APS (A) DOC

        11.1.2. 2014 ICAP – Paris (Christine Roland-Lévy) (I) DOC

        11.1.3. 2018 ICAP – Bids (José M. Peiró) (I) DOC

      11.2. Regional Conference of Psychology (RCP)

      11.2.1. 2011 RCP – Caribbean (Janel Gauthier) (I) DOC

      11.2.2. 2013 RCP – Uganda (José M. Peiro & Michael Frese) (I) DOC

  12. Other Business

  13. Date and place of the next BOD meeting (José M. Peiró) (A)

  14. Adjournment (A)



 A = Action item ; D = Discussion item ; F= Financial item ; I = Information item

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