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      Date: Jan 24, 2013
     Title: ICP - Jakarta July 4-7, 2013



Annual Convention (Jakarta, 4-7 July, 2013)

The International Council of Psychologists (ICP) would like to cordially invite you to attend the 71st Annual Convention of ICP. The convention will be held on July 4-7, 2013, at the campus of Persada Indonesia University, Jakarta. The theme of the convention is "Moving towards peaceful intergroup relationships" & "Reducing Stigma and Discrimination: A Worldview".

The goal of ICP is to further world peace, promote human rights and provide access to international conference and collaboration among mental health professionals globally. We hope that you will be able to attend this insightful event and support our global goals and mission. Please learn more ab out ICP and past conventions by visiting the website, that is,