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March 2000



By James Georgas, Ype Poortinga, and Euclides Sanchez

and Harry Triandis (Chair).


The committee was established in 1996 to "establish a policy for increasing involvement of psychologists in activities related to developing countries."


1.                  The committee recommend in 1996 a sliding scale fee structure, which was accepted by the Executive Committee. Perhaps after 4 years we need to discuss whether that decision was sound.

2.                  The committee proposed that the organizers of meetings should devote 7.5% of the total budget to travel from psychologists from low-income countries. The organizers of the San Francisco meeting provided substantial support for this purpose. We need to discuss how much is going to be done by the organizers of the Singapore meeting.

3.                  We recommended continued support for the ARTS program. That was accepted. We need to discuss how much support to give in 2002.

4.                  We recommended more regional meetings. However, in view of our current inadequate financial situation, we need to evaluate this recommendation. The committee recommended that one of the officers of IAAP assume the responsibility of chairing.Triandis did it so far, but it is now time to appoint another chair.

5.                  We should also discuss the extent psychologists from Low Income Countries are participating in our Journal.

6.                  Dr. Uichol Kim's points about the cost of congresses will take some discussion, and the committee yields its time to Dr. Kim.


Submitted to the Executive Committee of the International Association of Applied Psychology

By Harry C. Triandis, Chair of the Committee

In my personal opinion it is ideal for IAAP to establish the practice that the President Elect is always the Chair of this committee. This will result in the President Elect dealing with the problems of all psychologists, and also when the Presidents Elect become Presidents they will be in the best position to implement the decisions of the committee. I think this will strengthen the importance of this committee.

Harry Triandis