Third draft of the agenda for the meeting of the executive committee

in Stockholm next July 22 (09:00 to 18:00) and 23rd (09:00 to 13:00), 2000,

at the Hotel Radison SAS Royal Viking.



1. President's Welcome

2. Minutes of SF EC meeting

3. President's report

4. Secretary general's report

5. Treasurer's report: 1999 balance, 2000 budget and budget planning

6. Reports of the standing committees

A.                        Report of the finance committee, Alan Williams

B.                        Report : "Suggestions for a Recruitment Drive",  Michael Frese and Ingrid Lunt

C.                        Report on Action 100, James Georgas

D.                       Report of the Transition to Blackwell Committee, Ingrid Lunt and Michael Frese and Paula O'Connor (from Blackwell)

E.                        Report on inter-associations relationships

a.    IUPsyS and IAAP, Charles Spielberger

b.    EFPPA and IAAP, TuomoTikannen

c.    SIP and IAAP, Susan Pick

d.    International Policy Bodies and IAAP, Michael Frese

e.    World Fora of International Psychology Associations, Bernhard Wilpert

7. Publication Committee Report, Michael Frese

A.                        Applied Psychology, Miriam Erez

B.                        Newsletter, Ingrid Lunt

C.                        Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology, Charles Spielberger

D.                       The Graduate Applied Psychologist: An Internet Journal, Michael Frese & Ingrid Lunt  

8. Reports from task forces

A.                        Electronic communication, Jose M. Prieto

a.    Main homepage and discussion lists

b.    Homepages of divisions

c.    Internet connections for some EC members

B.                        IAAP History: Helio Carpintero and Peter Merenda

C.                        Psychology in Low Income Countries, Harry Triandis

D.                       Advanced Research Training Seminars (ARTS), John Adairs

E.                        Training and Education in Applied Psychology, Bruce Avolio

F.                        Evaluation of the IAAP Congress, Fred Fiedler

G.                       Innovative Research Methodologies, Frank Heller  & Peter Drenth

H.                        Fostering Cross-Cultural Research

I.                          World Study of Applied Psychology, Bernhard Wilpert & Ingrid Lunt





9. Divisional activities:


Please, brief reports of each divisional presidents, paying attention to tasks, activities and plans as well as recruitment and retention initiatives.

A.   Enviromental Psychology, Tommy Gärling


10. Congresses and conferences

A.        1998 24ICAP San Francisco, Ray Fowler

B.        2002 25ICAP Singapore, Elizabeth Nair

C.           2006 26ICAP, Athens, James Georgas

D.           2010 27ICAP, bids in Singapore

E.            Regional Conferences of Psychology

a.           Durban, Ray Fowler and Michael Frese

b.           Rome and London, Ingrid Lunt

c.           Caracas and Chile, Susan Pick

d.           Biennial Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology, Melbourne, Australia, July, 001, Uichol Kim.

e.           Mumey (Bombay), Charles Spielberger


11. New issues

A.                        Dues structure for the IAAP membership, Ray Fowler

B.                        Registration fee for ICAP, Uichol Kim

C.                        Sharing or not IAAP members database

D.                       Membership directory

E.                        Duties and responsibilities of EC members Charles Spielberger

F.                        Regional vs. Divisional .vs. Training Congresses of Psychology, John Adair,  Michael Frese, Susan Pick & Jose M. Prieto

G.                       Co-sponsoring psychological journals, Tommy Garling,

H.                        The role of the IAAP in regional or natural disasters, Stevan Hobfoll 

I.                          Booths and flyers in International Congresses

J.                         A Graduate Student Division, Michael Frese