2002 Congress Site Evaluation Form



Proposed Site (city and country):                                                                                       Has an IAAP Congress been held in this location previously?          If so, state dates             


General Site Information


Congress Facilities - Covers facilities to be used for principal meetings, e.g., congress centre, hotel meeting rooms, university, etc.  Includes availability of information technology for presentations.  Detail whether or not all the sites are fully airconditioned.




Congress Organizers - If a professional organizing agency is to be used, provide name, qualifications (previous congresses organized, including names, size, and dates); if available, provide brochures or other literature about agency.




Freedom of Entry - Provide details of visa requirements. (Before site is selected, the Site Selection Committee must have assurances in writing from responsible governmental authority that participants' entry will not be restricted).




Resources and Support


National Psychological Society - Provide national society's name, size of membership, composition of membership (divisions and/or specialities), relevant historical details, etc.  Also, a letter of agreement to co-sponsor the congress signed by an officer of the national society must accompany the nomination form.




Senior Psychologists - Provide name, position, and current institutional affiliation of senior psychologists (or IAAP Executive Committee member) who have indicated willingness to serve as  1) general chairperson of the Congress, 2) chairperson of the Scientific Program Committee, and 3) representatives of the Divisions of IAAP on the Scientific Program Committee.







Academic Auspices - Provide names of leading universities in this region conferring graduate degrees in psychology, including their willingness to assume responsibilities for sponsorship, scientific program, etc.





Governmental Auspices - State willingness of governmental agencies (education, health, etc) to provide support.




Financial Support - Since financial responsibility must be that of the host country, state the extent to which organizers, national society, governmental agencies, foundations, travel bureaux, airlines, hotels, or any other groups would provide advance funding for expenses of pre-congress planning, promotions, and costs of facilities.






Subsidy for Psychologists from countries with low GNP - Nominate the percentage of the budget which will be devoted to support the participation of colleagues from low income countries.






Psychological Services - Identify types of governmental, hospital and municipal services, counselling services, clinics, etc., employing psychologists in the region.





Psychological Research Centres - Provide names and locations of major centres of applied psychological research in the area.





Social/Cultural Program


Professional Field Trips - Provide details of possible visits of professional interests to participants during congress.




Tourist, Culture, and Historical Points of Interest - Include special attractions in the nearby area that would interest large numbers of participants, e.g., museums, shopping, tours, etc.





Possible Social Events - List possible social events, and possible sponsorship.






Transportation - Provide as much information as possible concerning air, rail, motor coach, etc., to site: include also general information about public transportation at congress site (between hotels and meetings sites, etc).





  Accommodation - List names and class of hotels and other accommodations, as well as approximate distance (or travel time) from main meeting site.  Provide the prices of each type of accomodation, and the availability especially of cheap accomodation for participants from low income countries.





 Cost of living - Provide details of the daily cost of living in the host city.




 Include other points in favour of this Congress site that are not covered above.