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November 8, 2001


Professor Dr. Jose Maria Prieto

Secretary General of the International

Association of Applied Psychology

Madrid, Spain



Dear Jose Maria:

I am writing to nominate Susan E. Pick for President of the  International Association of Applied Psychology.

Susan Pick is extraordinarily competent. She has administrative experience, and has organized international congresses. She is a health psychologist of international reputation. Her work has been influential not only in Mexico, but also in the USA and Greece.

The image of the IAAP is important. An examination of our Presidents gives the impression that we elect only those who are European or North American (North of the Rio Grande) males and linked to I/O psychology. The exceptions to this impression have been few: Claude Levi-Leboyer and Charles Spielberger. We have yet to elect a President from outside Europe and North America.

I think we must project a broader image. Electing Susan Pick will accomplish three things at once. It will elect a very competent women who is not from Europe or North America North of the Rio Grande, and is not an I/O psychologist. I think the Executive Committee should give her very serious consideration.

I attach her letter to me asking me to nominate her, because it has considerable additional information. It also has her vita. If you have difficulties opening any of the files, please let me know, so I will send the files in a different way.



Harry C. Triandis

Past President of IAAP