President s Report: Stevan E. Hobfoll, Kent State University

Division of Health Psychology IAAP


Over the past year the Division of Health Psychology has been involved mainly with creating programming for the upcoming conference in Singapore. The Division sought and succeeded in putting together an active program that is representative of the many areas of health psychology and of the many nations and cultures of members of the Division.  Prof. Ralf Schwarzer was instrumental

as Division Program Chair.

The Division sought also to work with related organizations in inviting them to prepare symposia.  This was done to both make a more representative program and to encourage related organizations to become involved under the IAAP umbrella.

On another level, the Division has provided informal linkages between members that has encouraged cross-cultural research, allowed for sharing expertise and technology from more advanced researchers in countries with greater research resources to investigators in countries which are less well resource endowed, and facilitated visiting lectures and exchanges.  This indeed

may be the greatest advantage that IAAP and the Division of Health Psychology has provided its members.