(brief curriculum vitae)


born, Bari (Italy), June 4, 1927.


conjugate, three daughters (all maried), two grandsons, three grandaughters.


address professional and personal : Via Della Camilluccia, 281, zip 00135, Rome, Italy


number phone and fax : 39 6


e-mail : <pinofumai@tiscalinet.it>



degrees : Pedagogy (Bari University), Sociology and Psychology, (Rome University, La Sapienza)



professional experience : 1954 - 1957 psychologist of the ENPI (Institution National for the

Prevention of the accident), Centre of Bari

1958 - 1959 psychologist of the ENPI, Director Centre of Bologna


1960 - 1970 psychologists of the ENPI, Director Centre of Rome

1971 - 1987 Director of the Division 2 in ENPI national Centre of

Rome, with finality the study of the careers guidance of the




psychologist advice : 1965 - 1968 psychologist consultant for the ENS (National Institution

of Deaf-Dumb)

1969 - 1976 psychologist consultant of the L'Auditron (general agency for

the sale course of English Language)

1977 - 1986 psychologist consultant of the Chamber of Deputies (italian



1986 - 1987 psychologist consultant of the Ministry Social Affairs

(italian government)



university activities : 1970 - 1987 professor's assistant of Work and Organizational Psychology

University of Rome "La Sapienza"

1970 - 1987 drill-lesson to university students


1988 - 2000 professor's assistant of Psychological Statistics and

Data Analysis, University of Rome "La Sapienza"



professional italian membership : S.I.Ps - Italian Society of Psychology :


1952    - membership


1978 - 1980 member of the Executive Committee of SIPs

as Treasuser


1980    - 1984 President of the SIPs


1984 - President of the XX National Congress Italian



1984 - 1986 Past President of the SIPs


1999    - 2002 member of the Executive Committee of SIPs,

with delegation to International Affairs

professional international membership


I.C.P.International Council of Psychologists : 1979 - membership


1980 - 1985 Fiscal Agent for Italy

1986 - 1990 Area Chair for Italy

1990 - 2002 Europe Coordinator of Area Chairs

1990 - 1998 Director-at-Large


1998 - 2002 S.I.Ps. Correspondent


1998    - 2002 Member of Long Range Planning



2000 - 2002 I.C.P. Ambassador


International Association of Applied Psychology : 1958 - membership

1980- 1990 Fiscal Agent for Italy

1996 - 1997 Member of the Finance Committee

with Allan Williams and Ype


1970 - 1998 IAAP Member of the Executive


1998 - With Edwin A. Fleishman, chairs :

Psychological Evaluation, at 24th ICAP Congress in San Francisco

IAAP member of two Division : Organizational

Psychology and Environmental Psychology


A.P.A. American Psychological Association : 1994 affiliate member



A.P.F. American Psychological Foundation : friend of the foundation



I.U.Psy.S. International Union of Psychological Science : delegate of the S.I.Ps.



E.F.P.P.A. European Federation of Professional Psychologists Associations : the S.I.Ps. has been

the first italian association Member of the EFPPA. After, during my chairmanship,

has been formed the INPPA (Italian Network of Professional Psychologists

Associations (S.I.Ps. - A.U.P.I.) and consequently I am member of the Executive

Committee of INPPA and with this role I take part to organization of the VI European

Congress of Psychology (Rome, July 4th - 9th 1999). I have the right to attend at EFPPA




A.R.I.P.T. Association Research Interdisciplinary in Psychology of the Tourism : Member of the

Executive Committee



Book :


Fmai G., (at care) (1980), Psychologist Profession (Professione Psicologo)

Editor Clueb, Bologna 1981


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Fumai G., (1984), A preface of the book "Psychology and Tourism"

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Cinanni V., Virdi R., Fumai G. (1995), Ambiente, Salute, Cultura : nuove questioni di

Psicologia del turismo. Ed.KAPPA Roma,1995

(Environment, Health, Culture : news questions

of Psychology of Tourism)


Cinanni V.,Virdi R.,Fumai G. (1995), An introduction to the book "Environment,Health, ecc."


Journal, Articles,ecc. :


Fumai P. 1980 - 1984 Director of P.I. - Psicologia Italiana, official organ

of the S.I.Ps.



" 1980 - 2000 Curator of specific column on the "profession and of the

Congress Calendares, in "Psicologia Italiana"


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Fumai P., 1998 Plan of the touristic expansion of Praia a Mare



Fumai P., 1999 in IAAP Newsletter, vol.1, issue 1


" 2000 in IAAP Newsletter, vol.13,issue 1


Others in different time brief contributions in "IP" International

Psychology of the I.C.P. and contribution of researches in

the proceedings of the annual Convention, national and



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What kind of a choice?


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Fumai P.,Virdi R.,Altamura R., (2001) The roads of the Mediterranean Tourism

toward the Orient : Environment, Archaelogy,

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International research :1998 - 2002 "Ecological Holiday" in Alaska (Fisher M.), Australia,

(Habicth M.), Italy (Fumai G.,Virdi R.), Germany,

(Felser G. & Felser C.) : a comparative study