Abridged CV, José M. Prieto




Full Professor of Personnel Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid. Ph. D. in Psychology (1980), Master Diploma in Industrial Psychology.


Research fields: Personnel Assessment (1976-1995), Personnel Training and Development (1989-2000), Applied cyberpsychology (1992-2002), Psychology of Trust (2000-2002). 


Theoretical and methodological framework: Individual Differences Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Multivariate Analysis of Psychological Predictors and Performance Criteria. Field Theory and Action Research.


Member National Board and vicesecretary general Spanish Psychology Association (1987-1993) and member Madrid-Branch Board (1980-1994). Member National Board Spanish Psychological Society (1985-1995) and Spanish Federation Psychological Associations (1995-2002). Member European Network Organizational Psychologists (1984-2002). Member EC International Association of Applied Psychology (1986-1998) and secretary general IAAP (1998-2002).  President 23 ICAP (1994).


Member editorial board of journals such as Papeles del Psicólogo (1981-1993), First director Revista de Psicología del Trabajo y de las  Organizaciones and member editorial Board 1986-1988,  1989-2002), Psicothema (1989-2002), Revista de Psicología General y Aplicada (1989-1992), Applied Psychology: An International Review  (1986-2002), Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (1990-96),  Professional Issues in Selection and Assessment:An International Journal (1992-2002). The European Work and Organizational Psychologist (1991- 2000), Risorsa Uomo, Rivista di Psicología del Lavoro e dell’Organizzazione (1994-2002), Ansiedad y Estrés, (1995- 2002), European Review of Applied Psychology (1994-2000), The European Psychologist (1996-2002).


Production: 94 articles in Spanish Journals, 18 in English Journals, 2 in French Journals, 1 Italian Journal, 15 book chapters in English and 13 in Spanish, 4 e-books, 38 contributions to congresses in Spanish, 30 in English and 8 in other languages.


Fluent in Spanish, English and French and somehow in Italian. Basic reading skills in classic Latin and Greek.


Advanced expertise in Computer, New Information and Communication Technologies since 1976, as well as Multimedia design and Web-based training. Advanced mathematical expertise focused on multivariate analysis.