November 21, 2001


Prof. Bernhard Wilpert


International Association of Applied Psychology

Institute of Psychology

Berlin University of Technology

Franklinstr. 28, FR 3-8, D-10587

Berlin, Germany


Dear Bernhard,


I would like to nominate Jose Maria Prieto as Secretary-General of IAAP. Jose Maria Prieto has served as Secretary-General since 1988 with distinction. He has been responsible for the executive responsibilities of IAAP, which he has carried out with the efficiency, competence and attention to the requirements for communication through information technology required of an international scientific association such as IAAP. His reorganization of the technology of communication of IAAP resulted in the discussion of important issues on-line by members of the EC, such as before the Stockholm congress and more recently regarding the Singapore congress. In addition, his recognition and standing in the international psychological community allows him to communicate with international colleagues throughout the world and to expedite important issues related to the goals of IAAP.

Professor Jose Maria Prieto's academic and scientific status in Spain and in the international community is beyond question, that of a respected scientist for his many scientific publications, both in Spain and in international journals, and his many invited lectures and presentations at Spanish and international congresses. He has been a consultant to many Spanish agencies, e.g., firms, ministries, as well as to international bodies.

He has reached the highest academic status in Spain, as Catedratico de Universidad (Full Professor). He has been invited as visiting professor to many universities throughout the world.

It is with great pleasure that I nominate him as a candidate for Secretary-General of IAAP.



James Georgas