Donald K. Routh, Ph.D., ABPP, President, 1998-2002


REPORT TO THE BOARD, June 30, 2002


From what I have been able to learn, Division 6 had operated in the past by having the new President-elect simply appointed by the outgoing President at the end of each President's four-year term.  Thus, Fanny Cheung appointed me as President-elect in 1994 in Madrid, and Victoria del Barrio appointed Manolete Moscoso as President-elect in 1998 in San Francisco.  My belief is that the Division was for the most part an organization in name only, since most of the members did not know each other personally; it had no other officers besides the President-elect, President, and Past President; and its only activity was preparing for the next ICAP each four years.

In order to improve the situation, I founded an affiliated organization, the International Society of Clinical Psychology (ISCP), in San Francisco in 1998. This group approved its bylaws, elected officers each year, published a quarterly newsletter, and met each year since its founding.  It met in Salem, Massachusetts in 1999 (in conjunction with the meeting there of the International Council of Psychologists), in Stockholm in 2000 (in conjunction with the IUPsyS meeting there), and in London in 2001 (in conjunction with the ICP once more).  It is meeting in Singapore in conjunction with the ICAP this year and has joint programs with IAAP Division 6.  Besides the newsletter (the International Clinical Psychologist), the ISCP has an official link to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, published by Wiley.

In 2002 Division 6 held what I believe was its first full-fledged election.  The nominations committee (del Barrio, Routh, and Moscoso) solicited nominations by mail from all of the members for President-elect and Secretary-Treasurer and sent out election ballots by mail also.  These ballots were returned in due course.  Meanwhile, Moscoso found it necessary to resign his office (President-elect) because he is unable to attend the ICAP meeting in Singapore.  Thus, at the suggestion of Charles Spielberger, IAAP President, the winner and the runner-up of the Division 6 election for President-elect become in 2002 President and President-elect.  They are: Juan Jose Sanchez-Sosa, of Mexico, and Lynn P. Rehm, of the USA.  Similarly, at Spielberger's suggestion, the winner and runner-up of the election for Secretary-Treasurer become in 2002 Treasurer (Gloria Gottsegen, USA) and Secretary (Susan Frauenglass Swierc, USA) of Division 6.

    Thus, the Singapore meeting should find Division 6 a more unified and

cohesive organization than it was four years ago.