Frances M. Culbertson, Ph.D., ABPP, President 1998-2002

REPORT TO THE BOARD, June 21, 2002


The Division of Applied Gerontology has been busy during the years 1998- 2002 reporting on the activities in the field, new research endeavors, and innovative approaches in the field of Applied Gerontology. We have represented our Division in conventions in the United States and alerted USA members to the convention of IAAP for 2002. In each of the newsletters, we have had a report on our activities that goes out to all our members.  We had an election and I e-mailed members election sheets for nominations and then e-mailed the sheets for elections of our Division.  Our Division, for the terms of 2002-2006, has elected the following individuals.  President-Elect is Dr. Rocio Fernández-Ballesteros, Spain and Secretary-Treasurer is Dr. Christine Schwarzer, Germany.  Dr. Frances Culbertson is Past – President for this period and Dr. Robert Morgan is a Member of the Board.  We will be seeking a membership chair at our business meeting as well as discussing tasks, directions or whatever we can do as a Division to further the goals listed in the United Nations document of the International Year of Older Persons, or directions we may take as a Division to engage in international work in the Applied Gerontology arena. This is a small Division but a highly spirited one and I was fortunate to be able to serve this group.