Report of Professor Dr. Dr. Sc. Boris Velichkovsky (Dresden University)

President Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology


The Applied Cognitive Psychology division is the youngest in the structure of the Association. Though the division was founded only three years ago, in the time between international congresses, the number of members has grown sensibly from 11 at the end of 1999 to over 80 at the beginning of 2001. Our activities were concentrated on establishing contacts with other divisions and on

preparation of the next IAAP Congress in Singapore, where according to the program our division s activities will be among best attended.

In collaboration with division 13, we prepared to the congress a special issue of the international journal Transportation Research (Part F), devoted to the

cognitive aspects of driver s behavior in hazardous conditions. The role of Prof. Geoffrey Underwood (UK) in this project and in organizing a special symposium on applied cognition during the forthcoming congress should be mentioned.

In the spring 2002, we organized election of the president of our division for the next term 2002  2004. President elect is Prof. Alan Lesgold (USA). Together with Alan Lesgold and other officers of the division -- Professors Fred Zijlstra (UK), Zhang Kan (PR China), Veronique De Keyser (Belgium), Ana Garriga-Trillo (Spain), Harold Stanislaw (USA) and  Martin Helander (Singapore)   we currently plan to enhance the visibility of applied cognitive research within the Association.