Dear Bernard:

I hope this email finds you well and getting ready for a well-deserved holiday break. Before I take off for the net web, I wanted to send you my nomination of Michael Knowles for the President-elect position of the IAAP. I have known Michael since 1982, when we met in Scotland, and I know of no more qualified candidate for this prestigious position in our society.

I go to Australia as least twice a year, and hear from many colleagues there of Mike’s outstanding leadership at Monash University and among Australian psychologists. Mike is one of those types of people who speaks quietly and politely, but always gets the job done. In his previous position (e.g. Secretary General) with the IAAP, I felt he did an excellent job of keeping the division Presidents informed and well-involved in the IAAP. His ceaseless energy and attention to tasks are very positive qualities that will serve him quite well if elected to be President.

The last time around when he ran for President, I was strong advocate for all three candidates. I think the world of Miriam and Michael Frese and that same of Michael Knowles. Any one of those individuals would have made a great President.

At this point in the IAAP’s history, Mike is the right person to assume the leadership role. I have no doubt that he would do an exemplary job in this position.

If you need a written letter of nomination to go along with this email, I would be happy to provide one when I return from holiday break in early January.



Bruce J. Avolio