ARTS 2002


Interim Report


ARTS is a program of international psychology (IAAP- International Association of Applied Psychology, IUPsyS- International Union of Psychological Science, and IACCP- International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology) to provide training opportunities for scholars from low-income countries and to promote their attendance at the international congresses.  In 2002 there were three seminars organized to be held on the campus of the National University of Singapore.


ARTS # 1: The Family: Culture and Psychological Functioning - July 4 - 6,  2002

Professor James Georgas, The University of Athens (Convener)

This ARTS received a good number of applications, and as a result the 14 participants selected to participate come from 12 different countries, some of which have never been represented before.


ARTS # 2: Emotion and Inter-cultural Adjustment - July 12-14,  2002

Dr. David Matsumoto,  San Francisco State University, USA (Convener)

There are 13 participants in this seminar from eight different countries. The largest number come from India, which also provided the largest number of applications.


ARTS # 3: Work Place Safety, System Safety and Psychology - July 13-15,  2002

Professor Bernhard Wilpert & Dr. Babette Fahlbruch, Berlin University of Technology (Conveners)

Although one participant had to withdraw due to a last-minute illness, there are still 13 participants in this seminar from 8 different countries.  A good number of participants come from India as the abstract for the seminar cited the Bhopal, India industrial accident as an example of a system-safety problem that psychology could address.


John G. Adair, Coordinator



The following organizations and institutions are gratefully acknowledged for their generous financial contributions, and a special thanks is extended to the conveners (and others) whose voluntary contributions of work and expertise at substantial personal cost have made the ARTS seminars possible.   Without the assistance of everyone, the excellent program for ARTS 2002 would not have been possible.


Sponsoring Organizations:


International Union Of Psychological Science

International Association of Applied Psychology

International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology


Contributing Organizations:

American Psychological Foundation

The Royal Society (UK)

British Psychological Society

Canadian Psychological Association

French Psychological Society

Japanese Psychological Association

Norwegian Psychological Association

Netherlands Institute of Psychologists

Singapore Psychological Society (ICAP organizers)


Contributing Institutions:


National University of Singapore

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

San Francisco State University, USA

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences - Dean Joel Kassiola

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada - Department of Psychology


ARTS workshop Conveners:


James Georgas, University of Athens, Greece

David Matsumoto, San Francisco State University, USA

Babette Fahlbruch, Berlin Technology University, Germany

Bernhard Wilpert, Berlin Technology University, Germany


ARTS instructors (The Family):


John Berry, Queen’s University, Canada

Cigdem Kagitcibasi, Koc University, Turkey

Ype Poortinga, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Fons van de Vijver, Tilburg University, The Netherlands