Sixth and final version

Agenda for the EC meeting in Singapore

July 6th (09:00 to 18:00) and 7th (09:00 to 13:00), 2002,

at the Pan Pacific Hotel, 7 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Singapore 039595

Tel:  +65 6336 8111Fax: +65 6339 1861E-mail:


 Updated August 26th, 2002


1. President's Welcome

2. Minutes of Stockholm EC meeting: Jose M. Prieto

3. President's report : Charles Spielberger

4. Secretary General's report: Jose M. Prieto

5. Treasurer's report: 2000 & 2001 balance, 2002 budget and budget planning: Raymond Fowler


·         Report of the Finance Committee, Alan Williams

·         Endorsement

6. Incoming President Statement: Goals for the next four years, by Michael Frese

7.      Election Process I: Proclamation: Berhnard Wilpert


Only documents made available in electronic format to the SG have been included here.


A.   Nominations to President Elect and individual presentation of Plan of Action Announcements


·        John W. Berry, nominated by James Georgas


·        Mike Knowles nominated by Bruce Avolio


·        Susan Pick, nominated by Harry Triandis


B.    Nominations to Secretary General and Treasurer


·      Jose M. Prieto, Secretary General nominated by James Georgas

·      Raymond Fowler, Treasurer nominated by Joseph Matarazzo.


C.   Nominations to EC members vacancies


·         Present members applying for a second term

·      Bruce Avolio, USA   

·      Mirilia Bonnes, Italy

·      Miriam Erez, Israel

·      Machiko Fukuhara, Japan

·      James Georgas, Greece

·      Anna Leonova, Russia


·         New members

·      Norman Abeles, US, nominated by Edwin Fleishman

·      Elias Besevegis, Greece, nominated by Helio Carpintero

·       Joan C. Chrisler, US, nominated by Peter Merenda

·       Pino Fumai, Italy, nominated by Ingrid Lunt

·       Janel Gauthier, Canada, nominated by John Adair

·      Martha Givaudan, Mexico, nominated by Susan Pick.

·      Milton D. Hakel, US, nominated by Edwin Fleishman

·      María-Regina Maluf, Brazil, nominated by Susan Pick.

·       Robert Wood, Australia, nominated by Miriam Erez


D.   Division officers elections: results for the period 2002-2006.


·         Division 1: Organizational Psychology

·       President: Virginia E. Schein, USA

·       Past President: Miriam Erez, Israel

·       President Elect: José M. Peiro, Spain

·       Secretary: Filip Lievens, Belgium

·       Treasurer: René Bouwen, Belgium

·         Division 2: Psychological Assessment & Evaluation

·       President: Fons van de Vijver, The Netherlands

·       Past President: Ronald K. Hambleton, USA

·       President Elect: Dave Bartram, UK

·       Secretary: Norbert Tanzer, Austria

·       Treasurer: Maria Victoria del Barrio, Spain

·         Division 3: Psychology & National Development

·       President: Uichol Kim, Korea

·       President Elect: Susumu Yamaguchi, Japan

·       Past President: H.S.R. Kao, Hong Kong

·       Secretary: Zeynep Aycan, Turkey

·       Treasurer: Taekyun Hur, Korea

·         Division 4: Environmental Psychology

·       President: David Canter, UK

·       President Elect: Robert Gifford, Canada

·       Past President: Tommy Garling, Sweden

·       Secretary: Terry Hartig, Sweden

·       Treasurer: Einar Strumse, Norway

·         Division 5: Educational & School Psychology

·       President: Paul Pintrich, USA

·       President Elect: Simone Volet, Australia

·       Past President: Monique Boekaerts, The Netherlands

·       Secretary / Treasurer: Faradeh Salili, Hong Kong,

·         Division 6: Clinical & Community Psychology

·       President: Juan José Sánchez Sosa, Mexico

·       President Elect: Lynn Rehm,  USA

·       Past President: Donald Routh, USA

·       Secretary: Susan Frauenglass, USA

·       Treasurer: Gloria Gottsegen, USA 

·         Division 7: Applied Gerontology

·       President: Rocío Fernandez-Ballesteros, Spain

·       President elect: Norman Abeles, USA

·       Past President: Frances M. Culbertson, USA

·       Secretary and Treasurer: Christine Schwarzer, Germany.

·         Division 8: Health Psychology

·       President:  Ralph Schwarzer, Germany

·       President elect: Esther Greenglass, Canada

·       Past President: Steven Hobfoll, USA

·       Secretary and Treasurer:

·         Division 9: Economic Psychology

·       President: Dr. Christine Roland-Levy,  France,

·       President Elect: Pr. Tadeusz Tyska, Poland.

·       Past President: Fred van Raaij, The Netherlands

·       Secretary and Treasurer: Erich Kirchler, Austria

·         Division 10: Psychology & Law

·       President: Guenter Koehnken, Germany

·       Past President: Ray Bull, UK

·       Secretary and Treasurer: Frans W. Winkel, The Netherlands

·         Division 11: Political Psychology

·       President: Di Bretherton, Australia

·       President elect: Klaus Boekne, Germany

·       Past President, Carmi Harari, US 

·       Secretary and Treasurer:  Takehiko Ito, Japan.

·         Division 12: Sport Psychology

·       President: Marit Sorensen, Norway

·       Past President: Gloria Balagué, US

·       President Elect: Yuri Hanin, Finland

·       Secretary and treasurer: Howard Hall, UK

·         Division 13: Traffic Psychology

·       President: Denis Huguenin, Switzerland

·       Past President: John Groeger, UK

·       President Elect: Ian Glendon, Australia

·       Secretary: Peter Chapman, UK

·       Treasurer: Linda Steg, The Netherlands

·         Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology

·       President: Alan Lesgold, USA

·       Past President: Boris Velichkovsky, Germany and Russia

·       Secretary and Treasurer: Fred Zijlstra, UK and The Netherlands


8.      Reports of the standing committees


A.   Report on inter-associations relationships

a.     IUPsyS and IAAP, by Charles Spielberger

b.     EFPA and IAAP, by TuomoTikannen

c.     SIP and IAAP, by Susan Pick

d.     UN and IAAP: NGO status, by Michael Frese

e.     World Forum of International Psychology Associations, by Bernhard Wilpert

B.   Mission Statement, by Michael Frese

C.   Long-range planning committee, by Michael Frese.

D.  International Policy Committee: by Michael Frese

E.   Membership Drive: by Michael Frese

9.      Publications

A.   Publishing committee, by Michael Frese

B.     Applied Psychology 2001 report, by Miriam Erez

C.    Newsletter, by Ingrid Lunt

D.   Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology, by Charles Spielberger

10.  Reports from task forces


A.   Constitutional Revision Committee, by Raymond Fowler and Bernhard Wilpert

B.   Category of Fellow for qualified IAAP members, by Michael Frese

C.   IAAP History: by Helio Carpintero and Peter Merenda

D.  Psychology in Low Income Countries, by Michael Frese

E.   ARTS, by John Adairs

F.   Training and Education in Applied Psychology, by Bruce Avolio

G.  Innovative Research Methodologies, by Frank Heller  & Peter Drenth

H.   World Study of Applied Psychology, Bernhard Wilpert & Ingrid Lunt

 11. Divisional activities:

Please, brief reports of each Divisional Presidents, paying attention to tasks, activities and plans as well as recruitment and retention initiatives.

o     Division 1:  Organizational Psychology, by Miriam Erez

o     Division 2:  Psychological Assessment & Evaluation, by Ronald Hambleton

o     Division 3:  Psychology & National Development, by Uichol Kim

o     Division 4:  Environmental Psychology, by Tommy Garling

o     Division 5:   Educational & School Psychology, by Monique Boekaerts

o     Division 6:   Clinical & Community Psychology, by Donald Routh

o     Division 7:   Applied Gerontology, by Francis M. Culbertson

o     Division 8:   Health Psychology, by Stevan Hobfoll

o     Division 9:   Economic Psychology: by Fred Van Raaij

o     Division 10: Psychology & Law, by Ray Bull

o     Division 11: Political Psychology, by Carmi Harari

o     Division 12: Sport Psychology, by Gloria Balague

o     Division 13: Traffic Psychology, by John Groeger

o     Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology, by Boris Velichkovsky


 12. Congresses and conferences

a.      2002 25ICAP Singapore, by Elizabeth Nair

b.     2006 26ICAP, Athens, by James Georgas

c.     2010 27ICAP, bids

·         Melbourne, Australia, by Paul Martin (Australian Psychological Society)

·         Santiago de Chile, Chile,  by Antonio Madlinic and Carlos Urrutia (Chilean Psychological Society).

·         Durban, South Africa: by Saths Cooper (Psychological Society of South Africa)

d.     Regional Conferences of Psychology

·         Biennial Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology, Melbourne, Australia, July, 2001, by Uichol Kim.

·         Southeast Asian Regional Conference on Scientific and Applied Psychology,  Mumbai, December 17-20, 2001, by Blanche Barnes & Mike Knowles

13. New issues

A.   Dues structure for the IAAP membership, by Ray Fowler

B.    IAAP policies and procedures on ICAP, by U. Kim, B. Wilpert, E. Fleishman, and G. Roberts.

C.   Regional versus Divisional congresses and Summer School initiatives, by Jose M. Prieto

D.   Division of Students, by Michael Frese and Pedro Neves

E.    Committee on policy issues that follow from psychology, by Michael Frese  

F.    Best student paper award, by Michael Frese

G.   Guidelines for the election of division officers, by José M. Prieto

H.   Applied Psychology in Africa, by John C. Munene

14. Awards: Edwin Fleishman

14.1.     Distinguished Professional Contribution Award

·      John G. Adair, Canada

14.2.     Distinguished Scientific Contribution Awards

·      Miriam Erez, Israel

·      Fred E. Fiedler, US

15. Election process II: Voting

15.1.                    Secret ballot for President Elect

15.2.                    Secret ballot for EC members applying for a second term

15.3.                    Secret ballot for new EC members