Division 8: Health Psychology


Report on Activities from 2002 to 2004



1.    We have send letters to 53 VIPs in Health Psychology inviting them to join IAAP

2.    The board (President: Ralf Schwarzer, President-Elect: Esther Greenglass, Past-President: Stevan Hobfoll) has appointed a Division Secretary, Dr. Aleksandra Luszczynska from Warsaw University, Poland. She will be in charge of membership issues, budget, newsletter contribution, among others.

3.    We have nominated one outstanding scientist for IAAP fellowship status

4.    We have organized IAAP sponsored symposia at the annual meetings of the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), in Kos, Greece, 2003

5.    We have also had a symposium on SARS at the APA meeting in Toronto, 2003.

6.    Div 8 has been instrumental in co-organizing the 2nd Asian Health Psychology Conference in Seoul, Korea, as a satellite to ICP in August 2004.

7.    We have nominated invited speakers and invited symposia organisers for the 2006 meeting of IAAP in Athens, Greece.

8.    In Bejing, at ICP, our President-Elect Esther Greenglass has been invited to organize a symposium on SARS entitled, "Psychosocial Factors and SARS: An Empirical Examination" in which researchers in health psychologists from China, Singapore and Canada will report on the latest and most up to date research regarding stress, anxiety and coping aspects related to SARS and its psychological threat worldwide. This symposium has led to the development of collaborative research projects between East and West where resources are pooled to address a most urgent issue facing psychologists today, namely response to the threat of infectious disease and its psychosocial aspects.

9.    In Helsinki, Finland, at the EHPS (June 21-24, 2004) for the first time Division 8 of IAAP is co-sponsoring a symposium with EHPS entitled, "Coping as a Synergistic Concept: Implications for Health" chaired by E. Greenglass in which health psychologists from German, Poland, Canada, and Finland will present research on coping and its relationship to health. Such cooperative symposia highlight the importance of cross-national collaboration and the interest in bringing together health psychologists from various countires.

10.                      At the ICP in Beijing, 2004, our Past-President Stevan Hobfoll has organized an IAAP Roundtable on the State of the Art of Health Psychology.

11.                       The Health Psychology Division of IAAP has its own homepage that can be easily accessed through http://www.healthpsych.de/  or directly at



Ralf Schwarzer, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany

Div 8 President