Division 4:  Environmental Psychology,


Mid-term Activity Report, Submitted by Terry Hartig, division secretary


In his inaugural editorial, published in the April 2003 issue of the IAAP Newsletter, current president David Canter listed a series of objectives which the division officers would pursue during the term leading up to the 2006 ICAP in Athens.  This activity report refers to the work done toward those objectives.


·        To facilitate communication among members, potential members, and the public


We have continued to develop the division homepage (www.psy.gu.se/iaap/envpsych.htm) by adding the texts of our latest IAAP Newsletter submissions and links to other organizations  We have also asked other organisations to include a link to our website in their homepages.


·        To increase communication with related organisations


We have continued to communicate and cooperate with organisations whose interests and missions are related to those of the IAAP Environmental Psychology division, especially the International Association of People-Environmental Studies (IAPS). A symposium jointly sponsored by the division and IAPS was convened recently at the biennial IAPS conference in Vienna.  In such efforts, we seek to clarify the division’s identity as a home for the scientific core of environmental psychology and as a channel for exchange between environmental psychologists and other applied psychologists.


·        To promote contributions of an explicitly environmental psychological character to Applied Psychology: An International Review (APIR)


Although some articles with an environmental psychological character have come out in APIR during the past 4 years, our subdiscipline remains underrepresented in that journal.  We want to further improve the representation in APIR of research activity by our division’s members. The current editor of the journal, Robert Wood, supports us in this regard. A few members have responded to our calls to submit to APIR (Florian Kaiser, Tommy Gärling, myself).


·        To build high-quality conference programs offering the latest developments in scientific environmental psychology


Tommy Gärling will serve as the division’s program chair for the 2006 ICAP in Athens.  The division’s program has begun to take shape; the recently distributed congress brochure includes details for the Presidential Address, State of the Art Lecture, Keynote Lecture, and several invited symposia, including one co-sponsored by the Division of Traffic Psychology.


·        To establish the division as a resource in support of the development of international research collaborations


It is difficult to evaluate our progress in this respect, but it should follow from the progress made toward the objectives listed above.


·        To recruit new members and retain existing members


Here the perennial problem.  Membership for IAAP as a whole and our division within it declines between the congresses. More remains to be done.