Report to the BOD

International Association of Applied Psychology

Division of Counseling Psychology (Division 16)

By Frederick Leong, President.


Plans and Accomplishments for 2003-2004

Primary Objectives

1.   To establish a stable executive committee for the new division

2.   To present a successful program at the 2006 ICAP in Athens

3.   To increase the division membership to 100 by the time of the 2006 ICAP

4.   To increase the visibility and presence of Counseling Psychology in international


Tasks Accomplished

1.    Selected the President Elect (Professor Mark Savickas, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, Rootstown, Ohio, USA) and members of the Executive Committee. Secretary: Professor Itamar Gati from Hebrew University, Israel; Treasurer: Professor Richard Young, University of British Columbia, Canada. Also Professor Mark Leach, University of Southern Mississippi, USA is serving as our Newsletter Editor. We decided to appoint the members of the Executive Committee since we are a new division with very few members. We are hoping to have elections for the officers in the future when the Division is larger and more stable.

2.   Established an email listserv for the Division 16 executive committee and 2006 program committee for communication and planning. This email listserv has been used to consult with the EC about our invited programs at the 2006 ICAP and also to organize our EC meeting at the upcoming 2004 ICP in Beijing.

3.    Submitted a letter to the 2003 APA Division 17 President (Dr. Louise Douce, Ohio State University, USA) to invite collaboration and suggest nominations for presenters at the next Congress.  President Frese was sent a copy of that letter. She never responded. I resubmitted to the 2004 Division 17 President (Professor Derald Sue, Columbia University, USA) and we have established a collaborative relationship between the two sister Divisions. Dr. Louise Douce has been appointed as the APA Division 17 Liaison to our Division while Professor Savickas will serve as our liaison to Division 17. We are also continuing to appoint Liaisons with other national divisions of counseling psychology (e.g., Professor Young is exploring this with the Canadian Psychological Association)

4.   Attended the globalization meeting that was organized by Division 17 President (Dr. Louise Douce) as part of her presidential project.  At that meeting recruited members for Division 16 and also encourage others to attend the 2006 Congress in Athens.

5.   Organized a symposium at the International Congress of Psychology in Beijing as an organizational meeting for counseling psychologists for the Athens Conference.

6.    Wrote an article for the International Forum of The Counseling Psychologist about the internationalizing of counseling psychology and mentioned the formation of Division 16 in IAAP.

7.   Presented an invited lecture on Internationalizing Counseling Psychology in the United States at the 2003 APA convention in Toronto (invited by the APA Committee on International Relations in Psychology). Also announced the formation of the new IAAP Division 16 at the presentation.

8.   Wrote an article for a recent APA Division 17 newsletter about the new Division 16 of IAAP. (See Appendix A).

9.  Submitted our program of invited presentations (keynote, state-of-the art lectures, symposium) to the 2006 ICAP organizers (see Appendix B).

10.  Served as the Section Editor for Counseling Psychology for the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology with Charles Spielberger as Editor-in-Chief (Past President of IAAP). 

11.  Published our first Division Newsletter and a copy was sent to members of the IAAP Board of Directors. We are hoping to produce 2-3 issues of the Division 16 Newsletter each year.

Future Plans 

1.   Continue to publish a Division Newsletter 2-3 time each year

2.   Continue to recruit members especially from the Fellows of APA, Canadian Psychological Association and the various counseling organizations in different countries.  In the March of 2003, the membership of Division 16 was already up to 48 and our plan was to have doubled that number by the time of the 2006 Congress in Athens. However, in the latest information received, it turned out that our membership was down to 18. We are puzzled by the drop and we will investigate this unexpected change. However, will continue to work on increasing the membership of the Division.

3.  Establish collaborative relationships with counseling divisions or associations in different country and appoint liaisons to our division.

4.  Complete the invited program for 2006 ICAP (one more invited symposium is needed). Also, to utilize the Division Newsletter and National Liaisons to encourage colleagues to submit programs and participate in the Athens ICAP.

5.   Will encourage President Frese to include Counseling Psychology as a component of the Handbooks being planned by IAAP.


Submitted by:

Frederick T. L. Leong, Ph.D

President of the Division of Counseling Psychology (16)

International Association of Applied Psychology

University of Tennessee

Department of Psychology

307 Austin Peay Building

Knoxville, Tennessee 37996,


Office Tel:  865-974-8796
Office Fax:  865-974-3330

July 20, 2004.


Appendix A


Column published in APA Division 17 (Counseling) Newsletter)


Division of Counseling Psychology (Div 16) of the International Association of Applied Psychology.


Greetings from the newly-formed Division of Counseling Psychology in IAAP, the world’s largest association of applied psychologists. When I first became involved in international psychology some 10 years ago, I was quite surprised to learn that IAAP had divisions devoted to Organizational Psychology, Clinical and Community Psychology, Educational & School Psychology, and even Traffic Psychology but no division of Counseling Psychology. To make a long story short, after some concerted efforts and with the tremendous support provided by Professor Charles Spielberger, Immediate Past President of IAAP, and Professor Michael Frese, current President of IAAP, my colleagues and I have managed to start a new Division of Counseling Psychology (Division 16) in the International Association of Applied Psychology during the International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) in Singapore in July 2002.


As the President of the Division of Counseling Psychology in IAAP, one of my first tasks had been to contact the President of the Society for Counseling Psychology, Dr. Derald Sue to request that we establish formal relations between our two divisions and to explore possible collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas and projects in light of the Society’s increasing attention to globalization and international perspectives in psychology. I am glad to report that both President Sue and his executive committee have been enthusiastic in their support of this request and have granted me the permission to share some news and information with you in this column


As you know, the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) holds the International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) every four years. The last ICAP was held in Singapore in 2002 where our new division was formed. The next ICAP has been scheduled for Athens, Greece in July 16-21, 2006. The Athens Congress will be the first one where we will have official programming by the Division (keynote address, invited symposia, etc) and I would like to invite those of you who are interested in international and cross-cultural work in counseling psychology to plan on attending this historical (for counseling) and exciting event. For information on both the Congress and joining the IAAP, please follow this link:


I shall be looking forward to your response to this letter and to the possibility of a long and fruitful association between our two sister divisions. Please let me know if you are able to put this request into your agenda for your mid-year meeting and feel free to contact me if you need additional information. For your information, I am enclosing a brochure about IAAP.



Frederick T.L. Leong, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, University of Tennessee

President, Division of Counseling Psychology, IAAP

Tel: 865-974-8796, Email:


Executive Committee, Division of Counseling Psychology, IAAP (2002-2006)
President: Frederick Leong (
President-Elect: Mark Savickas (
Secretary: Itamar Gati (
Treasurer: Richard Young (
Newsletter Editor: Mark Leach (
Program Chair: Frederick Leong
Program Committee (Tentative):
Paul Priester, Paul Pedersen, Mary Heppner, Susan Horne, Larry Gerstein, Esther Tan, William Liu, Alvin Leung, Mary Watts, Stewart Cooper, John Romano, Carolyn Zerbe-Enns,



Appendix B

Invited Program for 2006 ICAP


Division of Counseling Psychology (Div 16)

Preliminary Convention Program for
26th International Congress of Applied Psychology,

Athens, Greece, July 16-21, 2006

1.         Presidential Address:
Title: Internationalizing Counseling Psychology: Setting the Agenda for a New Division
Chair: Mark Savickas, Ph.D.,
            Presenter: Frederick T.L. Leong, Ph.D.,
University of Tennessee, USA
2.         Keynote Address:
Title: Problem Solving Appraisal in Human Adjustment: A Review of Twenty Years of Research Utilizing the Problem Solving Inventory.
Chair: Frederick T.L. Leong, Ph.D.,
University of Tennesee, USA
            PresenterPuncky Paul Heppner, Ph.D.,
University of Missouri, USA
3.         State-of-the-Art Lecture:
Title: Using Internet-Based Self-Help Tools to Facilitate Career Decision Making:
Prospects and Challenges
Chair: Frederick T.L. Leong, Ph.D.,
University of Tennesee, USA
            PresenterItamar Gati, Ph.D., Hebrew
University of Jurasalem, Israel
4.         Invited Symposium 1:
Title:   The Globalization of Counseling Psychology:  Two decades of the University of Minnesota International Counseling Institute
Co-Chairs and Presenters: 
Dr. Moshe Israelashvili, Professor, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Dr. John L. Romano, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA
Presenters:  Dr. Michael Goh, University of Minnesota, USA
                   Dr. Sunny Hansen, University of Minnesota, USA
                   Dr. Thomas Skovholt, University of Minnesota, USA
                   Dr. Chizuko  Tezuka, Keio University, Japan
                   Dr. Kay Thomas, University of Minnesota, USA
5.         Invited Symposium 2:  (Still in planning stage)
Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas for activities as we seek to stabilize, expand, and move the Division forward. Also feel free to contact any members of the Division Executive Committee if you have questions or concerns (see EC list below with email addresses).