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Division 13 Traffic and Transportation Psychology


Since the last Newsletter report on the Division’s activities, Division 13 has worked mostly for the enlargement of membership, especially focussing those countries and continents which have few or no affiliated psychologists. It appears that we need more direct contacts with potential members. Therefore we ask every member of Division 13 to indicate names of psychologists working in the field of transport and traffic.

Several Conferences which concern at least partly the field of transport and traffic are projected and organized with the support of Division 13. Members are invited to participate in:

·        The third International Conference for Traffic and Transport Psychology, ICTTP2004, which will take place in Nottingham. Prof. Geoffrey Underwood (University of Nottingham, UK) invites Traffic and Transport Psychologists to meet from September 5 to 9, 2004. Nottingham is a few kilometres from the East Midlands Airport, where a number of "no-frills" flights to European hubs, including Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Geneva have been scheduled. The formal announcement, the first call for papers and further information may be found at http://www.icttp.com.

·        The 18th Conference of the International Association for People-Environment Studies, IAPS, entitled 'Evaluation in progress', will take place from July 7 to10 in Vienna. Preliminary conference information may be found at http://info.tuwien.ac.at/iaps2004/. There will probably be some sessions on travel psychology and mode choice.

·        The next International Congress of Psychology, ICP, which takes place in Beijing from August 8 to 13, 2004, will include sessions for traffic and transport as well. Information can be received from Kazumi Renge [renge@tezukayama-u.ac.jp]. See also http://www.icp2004.org.

·         The next IAAP Conference which will take place in Athens in the year 2006. Division 13 plans to organize several symposia and sessions. Participants who want to present a paper, either for a regular session or within a symposia, and those who want to organize a symposium may contact Raphael D. Huguenin (r.d.huguenin@bfu.ch).

Contact persons of the Executive Committee (EC), regional representatives (RR) and the International Journal:

·                   President:Dr. Raphael D. Huguenin, Swiss Council for Accident Prevention Bern, CH (EC)

·                   Past President: Prof. John Groeger, University of Surrey, UK (EC)

·                   President Elect: Prof. Ian Glendon, Griffith University, AUS (EC and RR for Australia)

·                     Secretary: Dr. Peter Chapman, University of Nottingham, UK (EC)

·                     Treasurer: Dr. Linda Steg, University of Groningen, NL (EC)

·                   RR for Asia: Prof. Kazumi Renge, University of Nara, JAP

·                   RR for Africa: Prof. Rémi Kouabenan, University of Grenoble, F

·                   International  Journal for Transport Research, Part F: Traffic Psychology & Behaviour:Prof.Talib Rothengatter, University of Groningen, NL, and Prof. John Groeger, University of Surrey, UK


Raphael D. Huguenin, President

e-mail: r.d.Huguenin@bfu.ch