Division of Work and Organizational Psychology: 2002—2004 Report


Virginia E. Schein, President


     The Executive Committee of Division 1 held its first meeting in Singapore in July of 2002, at the XXV International Congress of Applied Psychology.  The officers and appointed members of the Executive Committee of Division 1 are: Virginia  Schein (USA), President; Jose Peiro (Spain), President-Elect, Filip Lievens (Belgium), Secretary and Webmaster: Rene Bouwen (Belgium), Treasurer; Miriam Erez, (Israel), Past President; Handan Kepir Sinangil, (Turkey), ICAP2006 Program Chair; Barbara Kozusznik (Poland), Membership Chair, and Richard Ritchie (USA), Newsletter Editor.


At this meeting the Division 1 EC developed the following mission and objectives for 2002-2006.


    The Mission of Division 1 for 2002—2006 is to enhance communication and cooperation with, among, and for the members of the Work and Organizational Psychology Division around the world.


The 2002-2006 objectives are:


 1. Improve and expand communications to Division members about Division activities, member services, and member activities and interests.

2. Improve communication between the Executive Committee and the membership.

3. Expand communications among members, with a particular focus on underrepresented geographical areas, such as Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

4. Bring members together as a scientific community to discuss applied psychological theory and research from a global perspective.

5. Facilitate the communication of our members to the scientific community by enhancing our members’ ability to do research and publish in scientific journals.

6. Increase membership by publicizing the activities of the Division and assist those from developing countries in affiliating with Division 1 and IAAP.


The Executive Committee has made significant progress during 2002 -2004 toward achieving these objectives.  All of the following activities of the Division during this time period meet one or more of the objectives   


Division 1 Activities: 2002-2004


Division 1/IAAP Roundtable at SIOP


Virginia Schein hosted a Roundtable at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) in Orlando, Florida, April 11-13, 2003.   IAAP President Michael Frese providing the audience with an introduction to IAAP and described the dangers of provincialism in work and organizational psychology. 

Other IAAP members who participated in the discussion were Miriam Erez, Milt Hakel and Dick Ritchie.  The meeting was well attended with more than 40 participants who actively engaged in the discussion.


Division 1 Roundtable at EAWOP


Division 1 hosted a Roundtable, “Expand your Global Networks: Link with W & O Psychologists through the International Association of Applied Psychology at the European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology in Lisbon, Portugal on May 16th, 2003.  Virginia Schein chaired the session. Participating members of the Division1 Executive Committee were: Jose Peiro, Miriam Erez, Rene Bouwen, and Barbara Kozusznik. Handan Kepir Sinangil arranged for the Roundtable session to be on the EAWOP Program.  Sixteen people from eight different countries attended the one and one half hour session. 


Workshop for Junior Researchers and Doctoral Students at EAWOP


On May 14th, 2003 Miriam Erez gave a four-hour workshop on: “Publishing in International Scientific Journals” as part of the of XI European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology in Lisbon. The Workshop was co-sponsored by EAWOP and Division 1 and was organized by Jose Peiro.  The Division 1 contribution was funded by IAAP.


The goal of the workshop was to provide doctoral students and junior faculty with the tacit and explicit knowledge that is instrumental for developing their research program and help them publish it. About twentyseven doctoral students and junior researchers in organizational psychology participated in the workshop.


Division 1 Membership Survey


During the last year and a half the Executive Committee of Division 1 has been working on the Division’s first survey of its members.  With guidance from the EC, Barbara Kozusznik designed the survey, which contains both qualitative and quantitative questions.  Filip Lievens sent the Membership Survey by e-mail to all members of Division 1 in March of 2003, with a follow-up in May.  Questionnaires were returned electronically and then sent to Barbara, who analyzed the results and prepared the final report to the membership. Sixty two members responded to the survey.


At the May of 2003 Division 1 Roundtable at the European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology in Lisbon, Portugal. Barbara presented a preliminary report of the results to the Roundtable audience. In addition, she involved the Roundtable participants in a discussion of the major priorities indicated by the preliminary analysis.


In October of 2003 the Special Report: Membership Survey Results/Needs and Interests of Division 1 Members was sent by e-mail to all Division 1 members. Among other results, members said a top priority was to be better recognized as specialists with an extensive set of competencies in the field of work and organizational psychology. They see Division 1 and IAAP as the most important international voice they have.    


The Executive Committee will hold a special session at ICAP06 at which members can discuss the Membership Survey results and consider ways in which Division 1 can better serve its members.


Division 1 Electronic Newsletter


Under the direction of Richard Ritchie, the Division instituted an electronic newsletter.  During 2002-2004 four electronic newsletters have been distributed. The Newsletter is more personal that the IAAP Newsletter, and include announcements, recent publications of members, requests for sabbatical opportunities, job and research opportunities, etc., as well as articles of interest.


Membership Drive


At the request of the IAAP president, Division 1 submitted 25 names as possible new members. Given our focus on developing countries, 13 of these names were from Eastern Europe. Division 1 also sent invitations to an additional 11 potential members from Poland.


ICAP 2006, Division 1 Program


Working closely with the ICAP06 Scientific Committee, Program Chair Hadan Kepir Sinangil has invited and secured the following Invited Speakers:


 Keynote Addresses:         Veronique de Keyser (France) and Simcha Ronen (Israel)

State of the Art Speakers: Bernhard Wilpert (Germany) and Deniz Ones (US)

Presidential Address:        Virginia Schein (US)


In addition she has invited and secured the following Chairs to organize symposia:


Leaetta Hough (US)

Francesco Avallone (Italy)

Barbara Kozusnik (Poland)

Steven Poelmans (Spain)


Other Activities


The Division 1 Website has been updated and revised.


Our Mission statement as been posted on the EAWOP website.


An article by Virginia Schein, “Mission of the Division of Work and Organizational Psychology, IAAP” was published in The Industrial Psychologist, January 2003.


Respectively Submitted


Virginia E. Schein, President, Division 1   

On behalf of the Division 1 Executive Committee

July 2004