Guidelines for the election of IAAP Division Officers.


Version 2.0


These guidelines were developed in 2000 as a proposal for the elections of IAAP division officers in 2002. After discussions and suggestions in Singapore these guidelines are submitted for endorsement in  Beijing to be effective for the elections in 2006 before the ICAP to be held in Athens.  



1.        The Division Officers are President, Past-President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Divisions with a reduced number of members may merge the offices of Secretary and Treasurer.


2.        The term of office will be four years and will start at the end of each International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP). The responsibilities of office will last until the last day of an ICAP.


3.        Large divisions may have an Executive Committee that will consist of the division officers plus the Newsletter Editor and the chairpersons of standing committees of the Division, namely, the Next ICAP Program, Membership and Recruitment, Online Communication, and Professional Affairs.


4.        The President, Past-President, President-Elect and Next ICAP Program Chairperson will be limited to one term in office. All other offices can be held up to a limit of two terms.


5.        Elections will be held to fill the offices of President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The office of Newsletter Editor, and chairpersons of standing committees will be filled by appointment of the President for his or her term of office. The President and President-Elect shall not be nationals or residents of the same country at the time of the election.


6.        The President will receive an updated list of division members from the Secretary General of the IAAP at least once a year and “on request” every six months. For the electoral process, the President and Secretary of the division should use an updated list of division members.


7.        The Past President as chair, the President Elect and the President of each Division constitute the election committee and will be responsible for developing slates of candidates in a manner that is consistent with the IAAP guidelines. Before submitting the slates to division members for voting, the Secretary General of IAAP will be informed of the list of nominated candidates for purposes of verifying their good membership standing. Co-opted members may be appointed if there are vacancies in the election committee. If the Past President cannot participate in the election process, the President of the Division will chair the election committee. The Division Secretary and Treasurer will assist the election as required.


8.        Candidates for President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Division must be members of IAAP and the Division in good standing during the past four years as a minimum. Substantial involvement of candidates in the Division activities, journal, newsletter and the previous ICAP will be criteria to be highlighted during the election process. 


9.        Candidates must be nominated by a minimum of two members of the division in good standing. Each candidate will send to the chair of the election committee a letter of acceptance and willingness for the given term and a brief resume of about 500 words that will be at the disposal of the division members in the homepage of the division or, by default, in the homepage of the IAAP.  Each candidate will receive a list of current members of the division.


10.     Elections will be held during the year preceding the ICAP and should be completed at least a month prior to the Congress. As many members of the division as possible must participate in the polls. The election committee will fix how members will cast their votes via post office, fax and electronic means.  The candidate for each office with the majority of votes of those voting will be elected.


11.     The Secretary General of the IAAP will be informed immediately. The names of the President, Secretary and Treasurer elected by each Division will be announced during the meeting of the IAAP Executive Committee that takes place the day before the start of the ICAP, and at the IAAP and Division business meetings during the ICAP.


12.     In case of death, severe disability, unavailability, or inactivity of a Division President, the Officers of the IAAP will appoint a replacement, if possible from the Officers of that division.


13.     IAAP officers will act as external consultants in the election process of divisions and will mediate in case of internal conflicts.