1.     Potential Fellows may be nominated by:

a.      The Board of Officers

b.     The President of a Division on behalf of the division

c.     Any member of the Board of Directors

d.     Any Member of the Association


2.     Role of the nominator

a.      The nominator contacts the potential nominee to determine interest.

b.     If the nominee assents, a form (Uniform Fellow Application Form --UFAF) is  sent to the nominee

c.     Nominee completes the form providing information about qualifications and the names of two possible endorsers. 

d.     Uniform Fellow Application Form is sent to the appropriate Divisional Fellows Chair (specified on the UFAF).


3.     Role of Divisional Fellows Chair

a.      Reviews UFAF

b.     Sends Fellow Endorsement Form (FEF) to potential endorsers (including those specified by nominee:  others may be selected by the Fellows Chair.

c.     On the basis of material received, Fellows chair refers candidate to the Divisional Fellows Committee for approval/disapproval.

d.     In case of disapproval, Divisional Fellows Chair corresponds with nominee, giving reasons for disapproval and, where appropriate, steps that might be taken to improve application.

e.      In case of approval, Divisional Fellows Chair refers material, along with a statement explaining the decision of the Divisional Fellows Committee, to the Association Fellows Committee. 


4.     Role of the Association Fellows Committee

a.      Association Fellows Committee may initiate Fellow nominations, in which case the Association Fellows Chair (normally the past-president) would carry out the functions described above for the Divisional Fellows Chair

b.     Normally, the Association Fellows Committee will receive nomination material from the Divisional Fellows Committee.

c.     The Association Fellows Committee reviews material and decides on approval/disapproval

d.     In case of disapproval, the Association Fellows Chair corresponds with the Divisional Fellows Chair who has made the recommendation.

e.      In case of approval, the Association Fellows Chair submits the name of the nominee to the Board of Directors for final approval.


5.     Role of the Board of Directors

a.      The Board of Directors may approve a nominee but may not summarily reject a nominee.

b.     In cases where the Board has questions about a candidate for Fellow status, the Board may refer the nomination back to the Association Fellows Committee.

c.     Referral back to the Association Fellows Committee should provide reasons for the referral and, ordinarily, a request for additional justification for the election to Fellow status.

d.     An individual not approved by the Board of Directors remains on hold until the matter is reconciled. 

e.      In any event, no candidate can become a Fellow without the approval of the Board of Directors.