Final Draft Agenda for the Board of Directors meeting in Beijing

August 13rd (09:00 to 13:00) and 14th (09:00 to 13:00), 2004

at Continental Grand Hotel, Walk Distance Congress Hall


1.     President's Welcome

1.     Minutes of Singapore EC meeting: Jose M. Prieto

2.     Minutes of Singapore GM meeting: José M. Prieto

3.     President's report : Michael Frese

4.     Secretary General's report: Jose M. Prieto

5.     Treasurer's report: 2002 & 2003 balance statements, 2004 budget and budget planning: Ray Fowler

5.1. Finance Committee: Allan P.O. Williams (chair), Elizabeth Nair and Tuomo Tikkanen.

6.     Divisional activities: reports based on divisional presidents plans of action for 2002-2006

·        Division 1:  Organizational Psychology, by Virginia E. Schein

·        Division 2:  Psychological Assessment & Evaluation, by Fons Van de Vijver

·        Division 3:  Psychology & National Development, by Uichol Kim

·        Division 4:  Environmental Psychology, by Terry Hartig, secretary

·        Division 5:   Educational & School Psychology, by Simone Volet

·        Division 6:   Clinical & Community Psychology, by Juan Jose Sánchez Sosa

·        Division 7:   Applied Gerontology, by Rocio Fernández Ballesteros

·        Division 8:   Health Psychology, by Ralf Schwarzer

·        Division 9:   Economic Psychology: by Christine Roland-Levy

·        Division 10: Psychology & Law, by Guenter Koehnken

·        Division 11: Political Psychology, by Di Bretherton & Klaus Boehnke

·        Division 12: Sport Psychology, by Marit Sorensen

·        Division 13: Traffic Psychology, by Raphael D. Huguenin

·        Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology, by Alan Lesgold

·        Division 15: Student Division by Pedro M. M. Neves

·        Division 16: Counselling Psychology by Frederick T.L. Leong


7.     Reports of standing committees 

7.1.  Report of “ad hoc” Committees

·        Committee on Policy Orientation, by John Berry & Michael Frese, chairs

·        Committee on Membership Drive, by Michael Frese

v    in Asia, chair Elizabeth Nair

v    in Latin America, chair Susan Pick

·        Committee on Ethics, chair Janel Gauthier

·        Committee of IAAP Activities in Developing Countries, chair Ype Poortinga

·        Committee on fellowship procedures

v    Fellow status: bylaw changes

v    Steps in becoming a fellow

7.2. Report on inter-associations relationships

Ĝ     UN and IAAP: NGO status, by Michael Frese

Ĝ     IUPsyS and IAAP, by Michael Frese

Ĝ     EFPA and IAAP, by TuomoTikannen

Ĝ     IAAP & SIP, by Cecilia Thorne

Ĝ     World Forum of International Psychology Associations, by Charles Spielberger

7.3.  First draft voting procedures: Jose M. Prieto

7.4.  First draft ICAP bids manual: José M. Prieto


8.     Publications

8.1.   Applied Psychology: Robert Wood & Miriam Erez

8.2.  Newsletter, by Elizabeth Nair

8.3.   Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology: Charles Spielberger

8.4.   Handbook of Applied Psychology: Michael Frese


9.     Reports from task forces


9.1. Constitutional Revision Committee,

9.1.1.   documents under Raymond Fowler

9.1.2.   documents under Mike Knowles

·        Introduction

·        Amendments

·        Rules of Procedure IAAP

·        Rules of Procedure Divisions

9.2.  Category of Fellow for qualified IAAP members, by Mike Knowles or Charles D. Spielberger

9.3.  ARTS, by  Ingrid Lunt & John Adairs

9.4.  Best student award, Pedro Neves

9.5.  Guidelines for the election of division officers: Jose M. Prieto


10.  Congresses and conferences

10.1.                  2002 25ICAP Singapore, final report by Elizabeth Nair

10.2.                  2006 26ICAP, Athens, by Elias Besevegis

10.3.                  2010 27 ICAP, Melbourne, by Paul Martin & Mike Knowles, Australia

10.4.                  Regional Conferences of Psychology

10.4.1.                       Dubai, December 2003, Mike Knowles

10.4.2.                       30th Inter-American Congress of Psychology, Buenos Aires, June 26-30th, 2005. SIP

10.4.3.                       9th European Congress of Psychology, Granada July 3-8th, 2005, EFPA

10.4.4.                       Regional Conference in Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, 2005

11. BOD membership and vacancies

11.1.                  Members ending their first term: Helio Carpintero, Frances M. Culbertson, Jitendra Mohan, Bame A. Nsamenang, Euclides Sánchez. They may apply for a second term.