Sixth draft agenda for the Board of Directors meeting in Athens

July 15th (09:00 to 18:00) and 16th (09:00 to 13:00), 2006

at Pella Hall, Divani Caravel Hotel, 2 Vass. Alexandrou Ave. Athens

Estimate: Items 1 to 11 in the Agenda for Saturday, 

12-16 Sunday, with sme variatoins

1.      President's Welcome

2.      Minutes of Beijing BOD meeting: Jose M. Prieto

3.      President's report : Michael Frese

4.      Secretary General's report: Jose M. Prieto

5.      Treasurer's report: Ray Fowler

·        Finance Committee: Allan P.O. Williams (chair), Elizabeth Nair and Tuomo Tikkanen.

·        Endorsement

6.      Incoming President Statement: by Michael Knowles

7.      Constitutional Revision: by Raymond D. Fowler

7.1             Procedure to follow

7.2             Old constitution

7.3             Constitution 2004-2006,

7.4             New constitution to be voted in Athens

7.5             Amendment to constitution

7.6             Motions

7.7             Voting:

8.      Election Process Officers and BOD Phase I: Proclamation by Charles Spielberger

8.1             Nominations to President Elect, Secretary General and Treasurer (deadline January 27th, 2006)

·       Raymond D. Fowler, USA for President elect

·       Janel Gauthier, Canada for Secretary General

·       Elizabeth Nair, Singapore and José M. Prieto, Spain for Treasurer.

8.2             Applications for a second term and nominations for a first term as BOD member (deadline April 16th, 2006).

9.      Election Process Phase I: Proclamation of results mandate 2006-2010 by José M. Prieto  (deadline June 16th, 2006).

*   Division 1: Organizational Psychology:

·       President: José M. Peiró, Spain, President Elect:

·       President elect: Handan Kepir Sinangil, Turkey

·       Past President: Virginia E. Schein, USA

·       Secretary: Barbara Kozusznik, Poland

·       Treasurer: Filip Lievens, Belgium

*   Division 2: Psychological Assessment & Evaluation

·       President: Dave Bartram, UK

·       President Elect: Tom Oakland, USA

·       Past President: Fons van de Vijver, The Netherlands

·       Secretary and treasurer:

*   Division 3:  Psychology & Societal Development

·       President: Susumu Yamaguchi, Japan

·       President Elect: Cigdem Kagitcibasi, Turkey

·       Past President: Uichol Kim, Korea

·       Secretary and treasurer:

*   Division 4: Environmental Psychology

·       President: Robert Gifford, Canada

·       President Elect: Linda Steg, The Netherlands,

·       Past President: David Canter, UK

·       Secretary and treasurer:

*   Division 5: Educational & School Psychology

·       President: Peter Nenniger, Germany

·       President Elect: Hau Kit-Tai, Hong Kong

·       Past President: Simone Volet, Australia

·       Secretary / Treasurer: Eduardo Cascallar, Belgium

*   Division 6: Clinical & Community Psychology

·       President: Lynn Rehm,  USA

·       President Elect:

·       Past President: Juan José Sánchez Sosa, Mexico

·       Secretary and treasurer:  

*   Division 7: Geropsychology

·       President: Norman Abeles, USA

·       President elect: Christine Schwarzer, Germany

·       Past President: Rocío Fernandez-Ballesteros, Spain

·       Secretary and Treasurer:  Denise Park, USA

*   Division 8: Health Psychology

·       President: Esther Greenglass, Canada

·       President elect: Aleksandra Luszczynska, UK

·       Past President: Ralph Schwarzer, Germany

·       Secretary and Treasurer:

*   Division 9: Economic Psychology

·       President: Tadeusz Tyska, Poland

·       President Elect: Erich Kirchler, Austria

·       Past President: Christine Roland-Levy,  France

·       Secretary and Treasurer:

*   Division 10: Psychology & Law

·       President:

·       President elect:

·       Past President: Guenter Koehnken, Germany

·       Secretary and Treasurer:

*   Division 11: Political Psychology

·       President: Klaus Boehnke, Germany

·       President elect: Takehiko Ito, Japan

·       Past President, Di Bretherton, Australia

·       Secretary and Treasurer:  Hamdi Muluk, Indonesia

*   Division 12: Sport Psychology

·       President: Yuri Hanin, Finland

·       President Elect:

·       Past President: Marit Sorensen, Norway

·        Secretary and treasurer:

*   Division 13: Traffic Psychology

·       President: Ian Glendon, Australia

·       President Elect: Gerry Matthews, USA

·       Past President: Denis Huguenin, Switzerland

·       Secretary and treasurer: 

*   Division 14: Applied Cognitive Psychology

·       President:

·       President elect:

·       Past President: Alan Lesgold, USA

·       Secretary and Treasurer:

*   Division 15: Psychology Student

·       President: Kristina Potocnik, Slovenia

·       President elect:

·       Past President: Pedro M. M. Neves

·       Secretary and Treasurer

*   Division 16: Counseling Psychology

·       President: Richard Young, Canada.

·       President elect:  Mark Savickas, USA

·       Past President: Frederick T.L. Leong, USA

·        Secretary and treasurer: Mark Leach,  USA

10.                     Awards:

*   Distinguished Professional Contribution

*   Distinguished Scientific Contribution

*   Best Psychology student, by Pedro M. M. Neves

*   Fellowship for qualified IAAP members, by Charles D. Spielberger

*   BOD members ending their term: diploma by Michael Frese

*   Presidential citation to Student Division President, Pedro Neves, by Michael Frese.


11. Divisional activities: 2002-2006

*   Division 1:        Organizational Psychology, by Virginia E. Schein

*   Division 2:        Psychological Assessment & Evaluation, by Fons Van de Vijver

*   Division 3:        Psychology & Societal Development, by Uichol Kim

*   Division 4:        Environmental Psychology, by Terry Hartig

*   Division 5:        Educational & School Psychology, by Simone Volet

*   Division 6:        Clinical & Community Psychology, by Juan Jose Sánchez Sosa

*   Division 7:        GeroPsychology, by Rocio Fernández Ballesteros

*   Division 8:        Health Psychology, by Ralf Schwarzer

*   Division 9:        Economic Psychology: by Christine Roland-Levy

*   Division 10:      Psychology & Law, by Guenter Koehnken

*   Division 11:      Political Psychology, by Di Bretherton & Klaus Boehnke

*   Division 12:      Sport Psychology, by Marit Sorensen

*   Division 13:      Traffic Psychology, by Raphael D. Huguenin

*   Division 14:      Applied Cognitive Psychology, by Alan Lesgold

*   Division 15:      Student Division by Pedro M. M. Neves

*   Division 16:      Counselling Psychology by Frederick T.L. Leong

12.                    Motions and Reports 

12.1        Membership annual renewal procedure, motion by Michael Frese

12.2        IAAP contacts with other international organizations, motion by Ray Fowler,

12.3        IAAP relationship with ICP and APsyA and their liaisons, motion by Ray Fowler

12.4        IAAP membership in good standing, 4 motions by Jose M. Prieto

12.5        Website Project: by José M. Prieto

12.6        Action 100 and Action 200, by José M. Prieto

12.7        “Ad hoc” Committees

·       Policy Orientation, by John Berry & Michael Frese, chairs

·       Universal declaratin of Ethical Principles in Psychology, chair Janel Gauthier

·       Affiliate International Organizations, by Ray Fowler and Mike Knowles

12.8        Reports from task forces

·       ARTS, by  Ingrid Lunt

12.9        Report on inter-associations relationships

·       UN and IAAP: NGO status, by Judy Kuriansky (Sunday)

·       IUPsyS and IAAP, by Michael Frese

·       EFPA and IAAP, by TuomoTikannen

·       IAAP & SIP, by John Adair

·       World Forum of International Psychology Associations, by Michael Frese

·       International Council of Psychologists, by Ray Fowler

·       World Federation of Mental Health, by Ray Fowler

·       International Social Science Council, by Jose M. Prieto

13.                    Publications

13.1        Applied Psychology: An International Review, by Robert Wood and Miriam Erez

13.2        Newsletter, by Elizabeth Nair. New editors: Valerie Hearn & Dennis Trent

13.3        Handbook of Applied Psychology: Michael Frese

14.                    Congresses and conferences

14.1        2006 26ICAP, Athens, by James Georgas and Marina Manthouli

14.2        2010 27 ICAP, Melbourne, by Paul Martin and Lyn Littlefield

14.3        2008 29th ICP, Berlin, by Aleksandra Luszczynska and Ralf Schwarzer

14.4        Regional Conferences of Psychology

·       Bangkok, November, 14-16 2005, Mike Knowles

·       EFPA:  9th (Granada 2005) and 10th (Prague -2007) European Congresses of Psychology: by Tuomo Tikkanen.

·       SIP: 30th (Buenos Aires-2005) and 31st  (México, 2007) Interamerican Congress of Psychology: by John G. Adair

15.                    2014 28ICAP, bids (Institutional letter and application form both in due time )

15.1        Presentation of Congress Bid  (Saturday 15 by noon)

·       Paris, by Cristine Roland- Levy  and Phillipe Fournier (congress bid pack in due time, requires login sent by email)

·       Prague, by Miloslav Solc (congress bid pack submitted late)

15.2        Voting by runoff voting system (Sunday 16)

16. Election process Officers and BOD, Phase II: Voting

16.1        Secret ballot for President Elect, Secretary General and Treasurer: Runoff Voting System

16.2        Secret ballot for BOD members applying for a first or second term:  votes obtained ordered by number of vacancies.