27th  International Congress of Psychology

Stockholm, Sweden, July 23-28, 2000

Report of the IAAP Task Force on

The History of IAAP, 1999-2000

Peter F. Merenda, Chair



The Task Force of the History of IAAP was appointed by President Wilpert in 1994 at the 23rd Congress of Aplied Psychology in Madrid, Spain. The Task Force has been actively pursuing the fulfilment of its mission since then. The current members of the Task Force are Helio Carpintero (Spain), Edwin Fleishman (USA), and Peter Merenda, Chair (USA).


The Task Force was engaged in two major proyects, on behalf of IAAP, during the period of this report. The first project is a continuing one -the maintenance of the official Archives of IAAP at the University of  Passau, Germany. Helio Carpintero is coordinating the collection and submission of historical materials. Members of IAAP, especially EC members, are encouraged to submit appropiate documents, photos, etc. to Helio. (DR. Helio Carpintero, Universidad Complutense, Facultad de Filosofía (B-21) (B-21) Cuidad Universitaria, 28040, Madrid, Spain.


The second project, also coordinated by Helio, is the invited symposium here in Stockholm. The International Union of Psychological Science  (IUPsyS) invited IAAP to organize and submit a proposal for a symposium for the 27th ICP. The theme of the symposium is "Historical developments of applied psychology in the 20th Century: An IAAP sponsored symposium". Helio Carpintero and Peter Merenda are the co-convenors as well as presenters. The symposium presenters and the title of each presentation follow:

·                        Bernhard Wilpert (Germany) "Psychology in High Hazar Systems: An Emerging Field of Applied Psychology"

·                        Edwin Fleishman (USA), "Applied psychology: Some Global Developments".

·                        José Ferreira Marqués (Portugal), "Psychological Assessment And Career Guidance in the 20th Century".

·                        Peter Merenda (USA), "Applied Psychology in Italy:From its Early Begginings (1930) to the Present (2000)".

·                        Helio Carpintero (Spain), "Applied Psychology as an Integrative Psychologycal Model".

·                        Charles Spielberger (USA), Discussant, "Applied Psychology: Looking to the Future".

The scheduler time of the symposium, its location, and abstracts of the presentation are found in the Program of the Congress.