Proposal to found an Internet-Journal The Graduate Applied


Michael Frese & Ingrid Lunt


We suggest to explore the possibilities of founding an Internet-Journal for graduate students in applied psychology. This journal should have a starting editor and this starting editor should bring it off the ground. We should also earmark a certain amount of money to the starting editor of approx. 3000 US$ to make it feasible and possible to develop such an Internet-Journal. After that our support should be scaled down to 1000 US$ a year.

The Internet-Journal should have the following functions:

1.    It  should be an information market for graduate students worldwide of what issues they are interested in, what issues they are studying,  and what issues they want to see done with psychology. Graduate students should write their research proposals in this Internet-Journal and we should ask prominent members from other countries to comment on these proposals. This would give graduate students a possibility to be exposed to the views of the world´s best in the field.

2.    Thereshould be short articles on results of research and again we would ask a prominent member from another country to comment on this research.

3.    Finally, from time to time, methodologically sophisticated scientists should write a little description of how they deal with certain methodological problems and describe what they tell graduate students to do. This section could be called _Advice_. This column should also discuss a few typical problems of research as prominent researchers perceive them in their field (and again it should be something that they would tell their graduate students as well).