EC-Meeting Stockholm Agenda

Suggestions for a Recruitment Drive

Michael Frese & Ingrid Lunt



Under the topic Report of the Recruitment Committee we would like to suggest to discuss a Recruitment Drive which should include the following components:

Action100: Those people who have been participants of action 100should now be asked to become members so that we have space and room for a new set of action 100 people.

Thereshould be an analysis by each Division President in which countries the division is strong or weak and what can be done to increase the number of members of this particular division.

Wehad a membership drive 1 plus 1 in which we asked each member to recruit one more member. I think we should restart such a membership drive again.

EC-membersand Division Presidents as well as Officers should each pledge to get at least 20 additional members into the association each year in which they are Presidents or EC-members. Thus, we should call this the EC plus 20, Division President plus 20 drive. This is doable and should give the association an important impetus.

We should make a list and circulate it during our meeting in which we identify key persons in departments of applied psychology or in departments of psychology, which have applied areas. We should then ask key members of these departments individually to become members of our association. This should be done in different countries and across the different subdisciplines of psychology for which we have divisions. The individual letters will then be sent by the President of our association with a copy to the Division President or the EC-member who has suggested this person. Once these key players actually became members we should ask them whether they would also like to recruit graduate students in their units.

We should make a particular effort to increase graduate student members. For this purpose we should ask ourselves for each country how we can have better access to graduate students in applied psychology and recruit them for our association, for example, by sending letters to graduate students of APA or of other groups in other countries.