International Policy Bodies and IAAP

Michael Frese



I suggest that we should attempt to do the following points:

Weshould get a non-governmental organization status with the United Nations. This will need to be supported financially, because we††† probably need some lobbyist who usually works free of charge but who needs to be reimbursed for his or her expenses. This will be approx. US $ 3000 per year. Once we are an NGO, we can have more influence in policy issues that are relevant and where we have a body of expertise.

We will follow APAs formula here and will use a relatively similar approach once APA has received the NGO status.

Weshall try to have better relations with other international policy organizations. I am thinking of UNESCO, WHO, World Bank, ILO, and other organizations. I will be glad to do some leg work for this, but I think we need to develop a small committee of people who participate in this work. I also think that Division Presidents should be involved because some divisions are particularly concerned about some organizations (e.g. health psychology with WHO, educational psychology with UNESCO, organizational psychology with World Bank). I would appreciate any suggestions on this matter and would suggest that we develop an ad-hoc committee for this area. The major reason why we should be active here, is that we can offer local expertise worldwide.

I am sure that world policy organizations quite frequently need to be able to draw on local expertise in our areas and we can quickly render names and suggestions.