Newsletter - February, 2017

The newsletter contains information about the Division itself, its website, a showcase of members' research, future conferences, what works, public databases, and contact information for the officers.

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Division 5 Home Page

Welcome to Division 5: Educational, Instructional, and School Psychology!

The Division 5 website has the following sections:

If you have information related to any of the pages in the Division that you would like to share with other members, please send it to: iaapdiv5 at

If you are a member of IAAP, but not a member of Division 5 yet, send an email message to Stephen Smith ( It should include your full name, the email address at which your receive messages from IAAP, and your Member Reference number (if you know it).

If you are not a member of IAAP, please click here to join IAAP.

For feedback on the Division 5 website, please send it to: iaapdiv5 at