History of Applied Psychology, Division 18

IAAP Division 18: History of Applied Psychology

Dr. Ruben Ardila is the President.  You may contact him at ruben.ardila@outlook.com. The President-Elect is Dr. Ana Maria Jaco, email: amjaco@uol.com.br. The Newsletter Editor is Dr. Helio Carpintero - email: helio.carpintero@gmail.com.  The Co-Editor of the Newsletter is Richard Mababu, Ph.D - email: richard.mababu@udima.es.

Division 18 fosters an historical approach to understanding, developing and reinforcing the institutional identity of our discipline. It encourage the preservation of technical reports in congresses and journals, qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures, and archival technique to keep safe documents that may well serve to maintain the identity of a tradition, a school or a national development.


2016 Issue of the Division 18 Newsletter

Published in May, 2016, this Newsletter contains 

  • A Note from the Editors
  • President's Corner
  • Articles : 
    • History OF IAAP Division 18: History of Applied Psychology.  The article describes its beginnings and early days, and was written by Helio Carpintero
    • Hugo Munsterberg (1863-1916) and Applied Psychology: 100 Years After His Death.  The article was written by Richare Mababu
  • Obituaries in the applied psychology community
    • Jose Ferreira Marques (1936-2015)
    • Robert Roe (1944-2016)
    • Vicente Pelechano (1943-2016)
  • Congresses, Seminars, ... & more
  • Links of Interest
  • Membership

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