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Sport Psychology, Division 12

This website provides information about the most important aspects of Applied Sport Psychology. Here you will find useful information about Sport and Exercise Psychology, forthcoming conferences, some of the highlights of past events, and information about our Division and IAAP.

This site also provides interesting resources including undergoing projects of Division 12, Publications, links to other related Professional Organisations, and much more. Please note that some of the resources in this site are only for active members. Please click here to go to the membership information page.

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About Division 12

The Sport Psychology Division (Division 12) of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) was established in 1994, at the 23rd International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) in Madrid, Spain. The initiative was taken by Glyn C. Roberts who served as first President.

Division 12 is an interdisciplinary organization that brings together applied psychologists, exercise and sport researchers, educators, and students among others interested in the field of applied Sport Psychology.

The main purpose of Division 12 is contributing to the development and advancement of international Sport Psychology through the IAAP. Other purposes of Division 12 include:

  • promoting and discussing research and research applications, teaching, and practice within the area of Sport and Exercise Psychology. Research interest of Division members are related to Health and Exercise Psychology and Performance Enhancement/Interventions
  • facilitating the contact and work between the members of other divisions
  • serving as a network that provides the opportunity for individuals with a common interest to share information related to theory development, research, and the application to individuals, teams or organizations

To facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and improve working relations between members IAAP organizes a General Meeting that takes place every four years in connection with each International Congress of Applied Psychology ICAP. The Congress serves as a review of advances in applied psychology and unites several thousand psychologists from all over the world. Past ICAP congresses have been held in Madrid, Spain (1994), San Francisco, USA (1998), Singapore, (2002), and Athens, Greece (2006). Division 12 has also profiled IAAP at several sport psychology meetings, among them we had an information stand at the 2003 FEPSAC meeting in Copenhagen, and at the ISSP world congress in Sydney in 2005.

A Newsletter is published four times a year to inform members about important developments and events in applied sport psychology and within the Association.

Former presidents of Division 12 have been: Glyn C. Roberts (1994-1998), Gloria Balagué (1998-2002), Marit Sørensen (2002-2006), Yuri L. Hanin (2006-2010), Howard Hall (2010-2014).

Currently Joan Duda is the president for the period 2014-2018.