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E-news from Division 9 (Economic Psychology) April 2017

Division President – David Leiser, BEN GURION UNIVERSITY OF THE NEGEV, Israel

Division President Elect – Tomasz Zaleskiewicz, SWPS UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES, Poland

Division Secretary – Fabian Christandl, FRESENIUS UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, Germany

1. Upcoming workshops

“Workshop on the Future of Ownership”, 7th-8th July 2017, WU Vienna

Organizing Team:

Professor Bernadette Kamleitner, WU Vienna

Associate Professor Stephan Dickert, Queen Mary University of London Associate Professor Monika Koller, WU Vienna

Professor Joann Peck, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Workshop Topic, Aim and Scope

Ownership is a concept that is fundamentally linked to almost all transactions in our society. Every economic transaction also involves transfer of ownership. It is therefore no surprise that a plethora of disciplines have investigated the phenomenon, its psychological underpinnings, and its consequences. Topics covered range from endowment effects to psychological ownership in employment contexts and feelings of ownership instigated by marketing measures. What unites these different streams of literature is that they converge on the pivotal role of ownership in shaping behavior.

The workshop aims to provide researchers with different backgrounds a platform to discuss the concepts of (psychological) ownership. We thereby instigate a broader discourse on the phenomenon of (psychological) ownership, its antecedents as well as its consequences. The goal is to jointly move towards a much-needed unified theory of ownership and shape the future of ownership research. Thus, presentations and discussions will revolve around the multi-faceted aspects of ownership, including the economic, legal, and psychological underpinnings of goods that we like to call “our own”.

2. Upcoming conferences

The 2017 conference of the International Association for Research in Economic Psychology will be held in Rishon LeZion, Israel (September 03-06). Local organizer: Tal Shavit.

Daniel Kahneman lecture: Uri Gneezy, University of California San Diego.

More information on the conference web site:

3. Journal Special Issues

Journal of Economic Psychology

Last special issue published:

“Food consumption behavior: Economic and psychological perspectives”

Edited by: Jayson L. Lusk, Marco Perugini

Upcoming special issue:

“Understanding Behaviour in Contests: Views from Economics, Psychology and Biology”

Contests in which agents exert costly efforts while competing over the distribution of scarce resources have a wide range of applications: for instance R&D races, promotions, political campaigns, war, civil conflicts, mating and sports. Economics, Psychology and Biology all have their rich histories of analyzing contest behaviour in various environments. While the ground being explored is common, each discipline has its own approach and focus.

We invite contributions to a special issue on “Understanding Behaviour in Contests: Views from Economics, Psychology and Biology”. The goal of this special issue is to bring together current research streams on contest behaviour from economics, psychology and evolutionary biology in a single interdisciplinary outlet. We are interested in theoretical, experimental and empirical contributions that focus (but not exclusively) on the following areas:

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the guidelines outlined on the website of the Journal of Economic Psychology ( Manuscripts should be submitted by May 21, 2016 through that website.

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Last special issue published:

“Experiments in Charitable Giving”

Edited by Michael Price, John List and Anya Samek