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XXIX International Congress of Psychology 2008 (ICP 2008)

JULY 20-25, 2008, Berlin, Germany www.icp.de

The ICP 2008 was hosted by the German Federation of Psychologists' Associations, under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS).




2006 IAAP Conference

XXVI ICAP JULY 16-21, 2006 Athens, Greece
IAAP Division 8 Health Psychology


        IAAP Division 8 Business Meeting (Past President Ralf Schwarzer and President Esther Greenglass)




                                                    IAAP Division 8's Social Hour



                                            Program Highlights ICAP Athens, 2006:

Presidental Address:

Ralf Schwarzer, Germany: Social cognition models in health behavior change.

State of the Art Lecture :

Susan Michie, UK: Genetic testing: psychological consequences and interventions.

Keynote Lecture:

Adrian A. Kaptein, The Netherlands: Illness cognitions in chronic somatic diseases.



                                                     Invited Symposia

Esther R. Greenglass, Canada: SARS and psychosocial factors.

Aleksandra Luszczynska & Charles Abraham, UK: Health behavior change: The role of self-regulatory cognitions and social context.

Stevan E. Hobfoll, USA: Conservation of resources: Applications of stress theory to research.

Sonia Lippke, Germany & Claudio Nigg, USA: Changing health behavior theory-based: What are the advantages of different models and how can they contribute to each other?

Teresa McIntyre, Portugal & Irina Todorova, Bulgaria: Women's Reproductive Health (jointly sponsored by IAAP and EHPS).

Petra Buchwald, Germany & Tobias Ringeisen, Germany: From adolescence to adulthood: Stress and health-related outcomes from a cross-cultural perspective.

Erica Frydenberg, Australia, Health Coping: Health and psychosocial adjustment in women and children.