President's Message


President's Message


It is great pleasure to greet you as the President of Division of Health Psychology (2010-2014). We have met recently at the International Congress of Applied Psychology in Melbourne, Australia, and we are looking forward to the next ICAP which will be held in Paris, France.

Health psychology is among the largest divisions of the International Association of Applied Psychology. This fact represents the growing interest in health among psychologists of different areas. The increasing impact of health-related issues is reflected by the decision of the IAAP Board of Directors to launch a new IAAP journal, Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being (for details see http://www.wiley.com/bw/journal.asp?ref=1758-0846).

The Executive Committee of the Division will pursue the goals set by our previous presidents, that is: (1) increasing the Division's visibility within IAAP and at the meetings of IAAP, (2) increasing the world-wide representation of the Division's membership, (3) increasing communication and collaboration among members, and (4) increasing our visibility in the IAAP journals and handbooks.

Further, we aim at developing the collaboration with the national health psychology societies across the world. Sharing organizational solutions, training standards, insight into lobbying strategies by the health psychology associations across the world could benefit the development of our organizations, secure more effective training of young health psychologists, and promote the position of the health psychology (and health psychologists) across the areas of our services.

Using the network of the members of our division we also plan to strengthen the international collaboration, launching multi-cultural web-based interventions, promoting health and well-being. We hope the members of the division would be interested in such ventures and we cordially invite all prospective collaborators.

Every four years, a new executive is elected to the Division. Our elections took place in April-May 2010: Urte Scholz won the election receiving 95% among those who casted their votes. Thanks are due to the work, leadership, and dedication of our previous executive including Esther Greenglass, Urte Scholz, Ralf Schwarzer and Jochen Ziegelmann. We are most grateful to them for their work on behalf of Division 8.

Today, I am very to welcome the members of the new executive of Division 8: President Elect, Urte Scholz, Secretary, Sonia Lippke, and Past President, Ester Greenglass. Ralf Schwarzer, who has worked for Division 8 for several years agreed to continue to be the member of our Executive Committee and share his experience for four more years. Further, we are very happy to welcome two new members of the Executive Committee: Rik Crutzen joins the board as the Communication Officer, Bruno Quintard will serve as the Liaison Officer for the 2014 International Congress of Applied Psychology. I look forward to working closely with you over the next four years to continue to build a stronger and more visible Division 8.

Please feel free to communicate with me or any members of the Executive Committee whenever you have input for the Division. I encourage you also to sponsor symposia at various conferences calling on members of the Division throughout the world. We will continue to provide input to conferences, co-sponsor invited symposia when possible, and promote special journal issues on issues in health psychology.
September 30, 2010

Prof. Aleksandra Luszczynska

President, Division of Health Psychology

E-mail: aluszczy at uccs.edu

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