President´s Message



To all members of IAAP Division 6

Kia ora, Greetings,

It gives me great pleasure to participate in the inauguration of the Division website. This has come about as a result of the excellent initiatives and untiring work of Dr María Paz García-Vera, President Elect of the Division.

Once launched the website becomes a resource that we can all share and benefit from. This will only be the case, however, if we each contribute to it as well as gaining information from it. If we do this it will become a very special attribute of the Division, and indeed of the IAAP.

Applied Psychology, and indeed the basic science that underpins applications, in all its aspects, has immense and under-valued contributions to make to humanity. Clinical and Community Psychology is especially relevant to many of the challenges we face, and this will only become more apparent and urgent with time. In addition to the problems with which individuals and communities have contended for all of history – war, violence, civil unrest, criminal assault, sexual abuse, material privation, discrimination, and the problems of disabilities and physical and mental ill-health, etc – our generation, and the generations of our children and grandchildren will contend with a new set of difficulties arising from global climate change. This is not something that humankind has confronted for millennia, and when we last did so, our numbers were small and our impact on the ecosystem slight. Now our numbers and our impact strain the resources of a planet.

My recent experience of living through a natural disaster has sharpened my sense of urgency about marshalling our resources as applied psychologists to identify and meet these imminent challenges. I hope that the website can become a place where our collective wisdom, creativity, and efficacy can be displayed to the benefit of all. Through it we can “think globally, act locally, and share globally” (Munoz, Beardslee, & Leykin, 2012).

Kia kaha

(Remain strong and committed)


Neville Blampied
President, Division 6
Department of Psychology
University of Canterbury,
Christchurch, 8140,
New Zealand

Neville.blampied at canterbury.ac.nz

Reference: Munoz, R.F., Beardslee, W.R., & Leykin, Y. (2012). Major depression can be prevented. American Psychologist, 67(4), 285 – 295 



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