About Division 18

This Division pretends to cover the large field of history of psychology which is one of the psychological expertise that has been growing significantly during the last decades. It has been a matter of producing technical reports in congresses and journals, qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures, archival technique to keep safe  documents that may  well serve to maintain the identity of a tradition, a school or a national development.  At present time there are several divisions or societies, as well as journals and congresses devoted to the study and analysis of these topics. Our IAAP Association is approaching its first centennial. It may provide well an important framework for various  types of contributions that may throw light on our identity.  It should be noted that an archive for  documents of its past is currently being organized in Würzburg University (Germany) , and  the proceedings of our early congresses have been  recovered in a modern  reprint edition a few years ago. In the last IAAP / IUPsyS  congresses, some symposia have taken place  dealing successfully with historical topics. Historical approaches could reinforce the institutional identity of our society, and be a line of interest to many colleagues members of those countries in  which psychology has had a recent development, and  could want to present synthetic views of the state of the art of  psychology in their countries. In order to accept and approuve a new division , our Societyrequires at least the support of fifty IAAP members for the proposal. We hope you will find of interest our project, and would give accordingly your support  to it. 

Professor Helio Carpintero, Ph.D.