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2010 Congress of the International Association of Applied Psychology (ICAP) to be hosted in Melbourne

Participation at different international, local, and national congresses



11th European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Lisbon
A symposium organized by ANEP, IAAP-SD, and EFPSA: "Identity and Diversity in Psychology"




18th European Congress of Psychology Students, EFPSA, Kopaonik
Sponsored Workshop: "Group Dynamics".


28th International Congress of Psychology, Beijing
Round Table organized by IUPsyS: "Young Psychologists"




19th European Congress of Psychology Students, EFPSA, Madrid
Sponsored Workshop: "So, you Want to Become a Cross-cultural Researcher? Come on then."


30th Interamerican Congress of Psychology, Buenos Aires
Sponsored conference "Psychology around the world: the importance of international networks"


9th European Congress of Psychology, Granada
Young Psychologists’ Program organized by CEP-PIE, EFPSA and IAAP-SD
Round table "Different psychology associations"
Round table "European Diploma in Psychology"
Symposium "EFPSA activities and services"
Symposium "Common problems of PhD students in psychology"




26th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Athens
Young Psychologists’ Program organized by GPSA and IAAP-SD
Presidential address "Psychology Students International Exposure: were do we come from, were do we want to go." given by Pedro Neves
Keynote lecture "Building a Productive Research Career" given by Robert Wood




1st Congress of Spanish Psychology Students, Malaga
Symposium "Estudiantes de Psicología en el mundo" organized by CEP-PIE, GPSA, EFPSA, and IAAP-SD


10th European Congress of Psychology, Prague
Symposium "IAAP Division 15: students" over the five years since its establishment
Round table "Original ways of communication among professionals’ and students’ associations"




XXXII Congreso Interamericanode Psicología, Guatemala
Symposium "Advances in Psychology Education around the World"



27th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Melbourne
Presidential address "Psychology in the 21st century: Challenges for psychology students" given by Kristina Potocnik
Invited "PhD Programmes from the students’ perspective" chaired by Anna Sagana

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