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2010 Congress of the International Association of Applied Psychology (ICAP) to be hosted in Melbourne

Student Membership


Becoming a member of the Student Division means that you are becoming a member of IAAP. This allows you to select more divisions of which you would like to be a member of, besides your primary affiliation (i.e., Division 15). These can be those that better match your scientific interests. Therefore, even if you complete your studies you can still be a member of IAAP!


The membership fee for students is just 10$!


By joining Division 15, you join a network of psychology students who share a common interest: applied psychology. You are given the chance to interact, exchange information and profit from students all over the world who have the same excitement and interest in applied psychology, as you.

There is a mailing list, discussion forums and a newsletter where information can be exchanged and ideas can be debated. Plus, you have reduced fees for all Student Division activities (such as workshops, forums, conferences).

Finally, the Student Division is a division of IAAP, which has additional advantages, such as:

1. Full access to two online journals: “Applied Psychology: An International Review” (4 issues a year) and “Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being” (4 issues a year)
2. Free copy of the IAAP Bulletin (included in the membership).
3. Reduced subscription rates for all Wiley-Blackwell Publishing psychology journals and many other journals.
4. 20% off the entire order of psychology books from Wiley and Wiley-Blackwell.
5. Reduced fees for the international congresses organized by IAAP.


1. Visit the membership directory. Click HERE to be transferred (hosted by Wiley-Blackwell).
2. Read the “How to join and renew your membership, online” information.
3. Next, follows a “How to subscribe” section (scroll down to see).
4. Click on the price that corresponds to your status from the tables for the current calendar year.
5. You will be then transferred to an online subscription form for where you need to fill in your personal information, affiliation, address and payment details.
6. Press Subscribe and welcome to our community!

Upon the completion of the subscription you will receive a confirmation e-mail and information on how to select the IAAP Divisions of your interest.