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2010 Congress of the International Association of Applied Psychology (ICAP) to be hosted in Melbourne

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Division 15 is to promote and support a network of students who share a common interest in international development, teaching, trends, applications, and research in applied psychology. Through our international network, we aim to exchange and share scientific knowledge. We perceive cultural diversity as our biggest strength, as the driving force to achieve our goals.


Psychology students have shown an increasing interest in active participation in the development of the applied psychology. There is a growing number of students who wish to be continually informed about recent developments of applied psychology and want to have an dynamic role in developing an international network of applied psychologists. Indeed, students as future psychologists should have international exposure and should start networking with their counterparts from all over the world in order to exchange and share scientific knowledge and to promote international, cross-cultural research. Therefore, the main objective of Student Division is to enhance such international network of students, to facilitate communication between them, and to promote knowledge sharing and research in applied psychology.


The Student Division is trying to create a functional link between students not only through internet – webpage, mailing list and social media – but also through the organization of events at international psychology congresses.

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