About Division 15: students


                           Because in psychology there are no borders



IAAP Student Division represents 15th division of the IAAP (International Association of Applied Psychology). IAAP, the oldest international association with individual membership in applied psychology, supports and encourages an international approach to student research and student professional orientations.


Student division was created during the year 2002, and was formally approved at the General Assembly of the IAAP in Singapore, August 2002.

The first president of the Division was Pedro Neves, 2002-2006, followed by Kristina Potočnik, 2006-2010.  



Every year a large number of students subscribe to follow Psychology studies worldwide. For example the Australian Psychological Society reports an 78% percent increase of psychology students from 1991 to 2001 (see http://www.psychology.org.au/publications/inpsych/popular/).  However, not all of them make it through and start a successful carrier, either as practitioners, researchers or academians.

We do believe that an early involvement with the profession of psychologists can be a crucial factor for the future development and success of the students who are lured by the beauty of psychology.  Therefore, it is important for students, for us, as to have international exposure and experiences. It is central for our growth as scientists to start networking with colleagues from all over the globe and getting in touch with successful professionals. 

Students are the future professionals! IAAP with the care and respect for the discipline of applied psychology welcomes them and shows the way to all the extraordinary possibilities that come along.